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Recommended Reads 2014
Sammy's Shelf: Cat Behavior Answer Book
Bryant & May and the Bleeding Heart, Deep Secret, Jane Green Duo, North of Boston

Contemporary & Historical
Back Channel
A Deadly Measure of Brimstone 
The Dress Shop of Dreams 
The Evolutionist 
Henna House
How To Be a Good Wife
An Irish Doctor in Peace and at War
Jane & the Twelve Days of Christmas 
Murder at Brightwell 
The Ploughmen
Saving Grace 
Secret of a Thousand Beauties 
The Siege
The Wolf and the Lamb
Asylum City
Bleeding Heart 
Bryant & May & the Bleeding Heart 
A Deadly Measure of Brimstone 
The Escape
An Event in Autumn 
Jane & the Twelve Days of Christmas 
The Job: Fox and O'Hare 
Little White Lies 
Murder at Brightwell 
A Song to Die For 
Soul of the Fire
Through the Evil Days 

Disney During World War II 
Life, Animated 
Singing to a Bulldog
Tinker Bell: An Evolution
Who Discovered America? 
The Deepest Night 
Gentlemen Prefer Curves
In Your Dreams 
One Mad Night 

Science Fiction & Fantasy
Deep Secret 
The Future Falls
The Heart Does Not Grow Back 
Silverblind: Ironskin #3
Cool Gray City of Love
A Field Guide to Happiness
France with My Father
Old Man River
While the Gods Were Sleeping

The Christmas Show 
Frogs Play Cellos 
The Glass Mountain 
I'm My Own Dog 
A Little Women Christmas 
The Louvre 
Make Your Own Fairy Garden 
Maze Adventures 
Moses: True Story of an Elephant Baby 
On the Wing 
Pick Me Up, Mama! 
The Sheep in Wolf's Clothing 
Uncles & Antlers 
The World of Mamoko in the Time of Dragons 
Anne of Green Gables
Deep Secret 
Haze: The Rephaim #2
Mortal Gods: The Goddess War
The Roaring Twenties 
The Secrets of Tree Taylor
The Silver Star 
The Slow Regard of Silent Things
Space Mountain: A Graphic Novel
Sweet Damage
Taking Flight
Walking Home
Winter Sky