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Recommended Reads 2019

Contemporary & Historical
Barbarians at the PTA
Bells for Eli
The Brideship Wife
Eli's Promise
Exile Music
The Gringa
The Killings at Kingfisher Hill
The King's Beast
A Long Petal of the Sea
My Lies, Your Lies
The Nickel Boys
The Noble Path
The Rising Place
South of the Buttonwood Tree
The Sweeney Sisters
All the Devils Are Here
And Now She's Gone
Assassin's Strike
The Bangtail Ghost
The Butcher's Daughter
Cold as Ice
The Darkest Evening
The Devil's Bones
Eli's Promise
The Killings at Kingfisher Hill
My Lies, Your Lies
Next to Last Stand
The Night Swim
One of Our Own
The Orphan's Guilt

Collected Fables: 125 years of Thurber
Family in Six Tones
Final Gift of the Beloved
Tears of the Desert
We are the Weather
Blind Spot
Cold as Ice
A Happy Catastrophe
Solace Island
South of the Buttonwood Tree

Science Fiction & Fantasy
Burning Roses
The Cerulean Queen
The Relentless Moon
Space Station Down
To Sleep in a Sea of Stars
Achtung Baby
Look Alive Out There
Take Off Your Shoes
Secret San Francisco
Tears of the Desert

Emily Windsnap and the Tides of Time
I Talk Like a River
Kaia and the Bees
Make Your Mark Gallery
My Favorite Color
A Piglet Called Truffle
See the Cat: Three Stories About a Dog
Weird Little Robots

Catfishing on CatNet
Don't Say a Word
I, Cosmo
Pandemic Survival
The Project
The Starlight Claim
What Makes Us