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Liar, Liar ...
Recommended Reads 2018

Contemporary & Historical
Alternative Remedies for Loss
The Book Charmer
Light from the Dark Side of the Moon
Number One Chinese Restaurant
The Orphan's Song
The Perfect Fraud
The Right Sort of Man
The Spies of Shilling Lane
Stone Mothers
You Will Be Safe Here

The Better Sister
Game of Bones
The Island
The Long Call
The Missing Corpse
Red Hotel
The Stone Circle
Stone Cold Heart
Sunshine State
The Tale Teller

F**k Plastic
Mind Over Meds
Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions
She's So Cold
Sicker Fatter Poorer
Nothing to Hide: Lucy Kincaid #15
Seeing Red
Solace Island
Some Kind of Hero
Too Far Gone
The Witch of Willow Hall

Science Fiction & Fantasy
A Brightness Long Ago
A Memory Called Empire: Teixcalaan
Silver in the Wood
The Undefeated
The Wolf's Call
Achtung Baby
Kings of the Yukon
Look Alive Out There
The Names of the Stars
Take Off Your Shoes

For All the Stars Across the Sky
A New Home
Peppa Pig and the Family Reunion
Sweeping Up the Heart
Searching for Stinkodon
Contagion: Dark Matter #1
Heartwood Box
Louisiana's Way Home
Seriously Hexed
The Sword and the Dagger
A Sword Named Truth