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Recommended Reads 2023

Contemporary & Historical
Ashes in the Snow
The Bitter Past
Iwo, 26 Charlie
The Mayor of Maxwell Street
Real Americans
The Spanish Diplomat's Secret
The Trouble With You
Uhtred's Feast
Assassin's Mark
Bitter Past: Ellie Matthews #1
The Bitter Past
The  Boy Who Cried Bear
The Clearing
The Exchange: After The Firm
Five Bad Deeds
A Ghost of Caribou
Goodbye Girl
The Spanish Diplomat's Secret

Backwoods Boy
A Journey to St. Thomas
Nailing It
Uhtred's Feast
Walking With Gorillas
Wonderful World of James Herriott
At the Coffee Shop of Curiosities
Getaway With Murder
Remember Me
The Paris Model
Soul Taken
Unladylike Lessons in Love

Science Fiction & Fantasy
All the Seas of the World
Compulsory: A Murderbot Story
Mammoths at the Gates
The Serpent & the Wings of Night
Starter Villain
Three Miles Down
Great American Road Trips
Look Alive Out There
Take Off Your Shoes
Spirits of San Francisco
Tears of the Desert

ABCs of the World's Religions
No No, Baby!
Oceanarium: Welcome to the Museum
Take Off Your Brave
The Sunshine Garden: Chicken Soup for the Soul KIDS
The Wild River and the Great Dam
Enola Holmes and the Elegant Escapade
How to Survive Everything
Last Chance: Rains Brothers #2
A Mirror Mended: Fractured Fables #2
Promises Stronger Than Darkness
Secrets Never Die
These Deadly Games