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Recommended Reads 2014
Sammy's Shelf 
Changing the Conversation, Home for Dinner

Contemporary & Historical
The Anatomy Lesson
The Birth House 
As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust
The Empty Throne 
A Fine Summer's Day
Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks League 
Preparation for the Next Life 
Satan's Lullaby 
The Siege
Sunshine on Scotland Street
Things Half in Shadow
Blond Cargo 
Butterfly Kills 
Cold Cold Heart 
Die Again: Rizzoli Isles 
Gray Mountain 
North of Boston 
One Step Too Far 
The Replacements 
Satan's Lullaby 
Winter at the Door 

Around the Table 
How to Age
Knife Skills
My Pearl Harbor Scrapbook 1941
A Slip of the Keyboard
Bad Romeo
The Deepest Night
In Your Dreams
Mean Streak 
One Mad Night
Secrets of Foxworth

Science Fiction & Fantasy
The Future Falls
Golden Son
Lethal Code
The Traders' War 
A Field Guide to Happiness
Heads in Beds
Old Man River
The Trip To Echo Springs
While the Gods Were Sleeping

Bear Hug 
Bruno and Titch 
Cats Got Talent 
Get Into Art: Places 
Glasses to Go 
A Library Book for Bear 
Make Your Own Noah's Ark 
Minnie in Paris 
New York: Inside and Out 
The Watcher 
We're Going on a Bear Hunt 
Winter Is Coming 
Absolutely Truly 
The Black Stars 
Haze: The Rephaim #2
Jane Eyre: Essential Classics 
Like Water on Stone
Mortal Gods: The Goddess War
The Secrets of Tree Taylor
The Silver Star
Taking Flight
Walking Home
Winter Sky