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On airplanes and e-books ...
Sammy's Shelf: Mooncake
22nd Century Duo, Jumper Trio, The Marco Effect, Mill River Redemption, One of Us

Contemporary & Historical
The Agincourt Bride
Birds of a Feather
Cancel the Wedding
The Eyes of Aurora
Lisette's List 
My Real Children 
Our Lady of the Nile
Strange Gods 
Under the Wide and Starry Sky 
Always Watching 
Bones Never Lie 
Close Call 
The Marco Effect
Personal: Jack Reacher 
The Stone Wife 
Strange Gods 
Strange Shores

Dogs Rule Nonchalantly
The Illustrated Guide to Cows
The Secret Lives of Backyard Bugs
Word of Mouth
Crave the Night: Midnight Breed
Flight of the Golden Harpy
Virtue Falls
Written in My Own Heart's Blood
Visions: Cainsville #2

Science Fiction & Fantasy
Angel Killer
The Darkest Hour 
The Detainee 
Fool's Assassin: Fitz and the Fool #1
The Hawley Book of the Dead 
Valour and Vanity 
Cool Gray City of Love
France with My Father
Pilgrim's Wilderness
What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding

Big Rig 
Daniel Plays Ball 
Duck, Duck, Moose! 
The Farmer's Away: Baa! Neigh! 
The Lion and the Mouse 
Nancy Knows 
Rio de Janeiro 
The Story of Buildings 
Weeds Find a Way 
Who Needs a Reef? 
EXO: Jumper
Graveyard Book Graphic Novel #1 
Raging Star: Dust Lands #3
The Screaming Staircase
Star in the Storm
The Strange Maid
There Will Be Bears
Unmade: Lynburn Legacy #3 
Victories: Shadow Grail #4