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Climate Change - Crisis - Catastrophe
Recommended Reads 2019

Contemporary & Historical
The Book Charmer
Breaking Point
A Capitol Death
A Dangerous Engagement
The Girl in the Letter
Gravity Is the Thing
Lady of Perdition
The Man That Got Away
The Noble Path
The Orphan's Song
The Shepherd's Hut
Star Path: People of Cahokia
This Tender Land
Beyond a Reasonable Stout
Blind Search
The Chestnut Man
Dachshund Through the Snow
A Dangerous Engagement
Deadly Camargue
The Fog Ladies
The Heartless
Lady of Perdition
Law and Addiction
The Noble Path
Owl Be Home for Christmas
Paw of the Jungle

Collected Fables: 125 years of Thurber
Great American Documents Vol. II
The Little Book of Bob
Murder She Said
We are the Weather
Blind Spot
Christmas Past
Nothing to Hide: Lucy Kincaid #15
Seeing Red
Solace Island

Science Fiction & Fantasy
Iron Gods: Spin #2
The Last Christmas: Repairman Jack
The Monstrous Citadel
Scornful Stars: Breaker of Empires #3
Achtung Baby
Look Alive Out There
Take Off Your Shoes
Secret San Francisco: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure

Don't Cave In: Gigantosaurus
The Lost Egg: Gigantosaurus
The Shortest Day
Sufragette: The Battle for Equality
Where Soccer Explains (Saves) the World
Don't Say a Word
Freeing Finch
Great American Documents Vol. II
Small Spaces
The Starlight Claim
Sufragette: The Battle for Equality
A Thousand Fires