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Recommended Reads 2022

Contemporary & Historical
All the Horses of Iceland
All That Is Hidden
Anywhere You Run
The Cliff's Edge: Bess Crawford #13
The Dressmakers of Prospect Heights
How to Survive Everything
Lucky Girl
Mad Honey
The Picture Bride
Small Acts of Defiance
Under the Tamarind Tree
The White Hare
The White Lady
All That Is Hidden
The Cliff's Edge: Bess Crawford #13
Death in Denmark: Gabriel Praest #1
Deep Fake
The Devil You Know
Good Dog, Bad Cop: K Team #4
The House Guest
A Killing of Innocents
The Last Orphan: Orphan X #8
Missing Clarissa
Murder at Haven's Rock
Red Queen: Antonia Scott #1
Standing in the Shadows
The White Lady

Be Your Own Medical Intuitive
The Dressmakers of Auschwitz
Eavesdropping on the Most Segregated Hour
Nailing It
When I Grow Up
Encore in Death: Eve Dallas #56
Getaway With Murder
Not the Witch You Wed
The Paris Model
Soul Taken

Science Fiction & Fantasy
Antimatter Blues
The Last Beekeeper
Stone Blind
The Third Instinct
Great American Road Trips
Look Alive Out There
Take Off Your Shoes
Spirits of San Francisco
Tears of the Desert

I Am a Meadow Mermaid
Ivy Lost and Found
No No, Baby!
Oceanarium: Welcome to the Museum
Take Off Your Brave
What Does Little Crocodile Say At the Beach?
Anna Dressed in Blood
Enola Holmes and the Elegant Escapade
How to Survive Everything
Into the Windwracked Wilds
A Mirror Mended: Fractured Fables #2
These Deadly Games
Swift the Storm, Fierce the Flame