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On airplanes and e-books ...
Sammy's Shelf: Mooncake
The 1929 Bunion Derby, The Bodies We Wear, Lamentation, Sabotage

Contemporary & Historical
Cattle Kate
Desert God 
Die I Will Not 
Gutenberg's Apprentice 
An Island Christmas 
The Lincoln Letter
Lisette's List
My Real Children
Spirit of Steamboat 
The Table of Less Valued Knights
Wait for Signs 
Caught Dead 
Close to Home 
Dark Spies 
Die I Will Not 
Deeper Than the Grave 
A Few Drops of Blood 
Hell to Pay 
Hiss and Hers 
The Last Dead Girl 
Last Winter We Parted 
Lock In 
Risky Undertaking 
Windigo Island 

The Roommates
Sets, Lights, & Lunacy
Soap Crafting
Close to Home 
How the Scoundrel Seduces
Irresistible Force
The Last Breath 
The Songbird's Seduction

Science Fiction & Fantasy
The Bloodline Feud
Fool's Assassin: Fitz and the Fool #1
Hurricane Fever
Lock In 
Scarlet Tides
Tower Lord 
Cool Gray City of Love
France with My Father
Pilgrim's Wilderness
What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding
While the Gods Were Sleeping

Animal Camouflage 
Caillou Takes a Nap 
Chinese New Year 
Even Princeses Go to the Potty 
Hindu Stories 
I Say, You Say Feelings! 
I Wish I Had a Pet 
If I Had a Raptor 
Joltin Joe DiMaggio 
Making Colors 
A Perfect Place for Ted 
Time for Bed 
The 100
The Bodies We Wear 
EXO: Jumper
The Family Romanov
Half a King: Shattered Sea #1
Haze: The Rephaim #2 
Jesus Jackson
The Strange Maid
Taking Flight 
There Will Be Bears
Unmade: Lynburn Legacy #3