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Recommended Reads 2014
Sammy's Shelf: Real Food for Cats
Inside a Silver Box, The Kind Worth Killing, The Pilgrims, Shadow Scale

Contemporary & Historical
The Alphabet House 
Angels at the Gate
The Bookseller 
The Green Muse
The Marriage Game
Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks League
Preparation for the Next Life
Shadows Over Paradise
Walking On Trampolines 
Where Monsters Dwell 
White Gardenia
World Gone By
Cane and Abe 
Cooler Than Blood 
A Dark and Twisted Tide 
Dark Rooms 
Down Don't Bother Me 
A Ghostly Undertaking 
Little Black Lies 
Monday's Lie 
Murder on the Champ de Mars 
Past Crimes 
The Pocket Wife 
Where Monsters Dwell 

The 1929 Bunion Derby 
Grow a Little Fruit Tree 
Killers of the King
On Your Case 
The Orbital Perspective 
The Train to Crystal City
Bad Romeo
If the Viscount Falls
Lethal Consequences
A Little on the Wild Side
Mean Streak
Secrets of Foxworth

Science Fiction & Fantasy
Dead Heat: Alpha and Omega
The Just City 
The Providence of Fire
The Revolution Trade 
A Field Guide to Happiness
Heads in Beds
Old Man River
Swimming With Warlords
The Trip To Echo Springs

The Cat Who Tamed the West 
The Elmer Pop-Up Book 
Figaro & Rumba & the Crocodile Cafe 
Fiona's Lace 
Hurry Home, Hedgehog! 
Littleland Around the World 
Moonbear's Pet 
Olive and the Embarrassing Gift 
Olivia Wishes on a Star 
Sadie: Dog Who Finds the Evidence 
All the Bright Places
Bet Your Life 
Chaos Theory 
Falcon In The Glass 
The Gigantic Beard that Was Evil
I Remember You
Members Only
Monkey Wars
Shadow Scale 
Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir