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Recommended Reads 2014
Sammy's Shelf: Templeton Gets His Wish
Deadly Curiosities, The Penguin Lessons, Robot Universe, Star Wars Psychology, Things I Can't Explain

Contemporary & Historical
All Men Fear Me
Come Hell or Highball 
Corridors of the Night
Death Wears a Mask 
Early One Morning
Fault Lines
French Concession
Lock No. 1 
Maze of Blood
The Muralist 
Mr. Hire's Engagement
The Rumor
The Scent of Secrets 
Things I Can't Explain
A Very Nantucket Christmas 
Villa America
Another Man's Moccasins 
The Bone Orchard 
Come Hell or Highball 
The Confessor 
Dark Reservations 
Death Wears a Mask 
The Devil's Share 
The Hot Countries 
Lock No. 1 
Murder Most Unfortunate 
The Puffin of Death 
The Scam 
A Specter of Justice 
White Leopard 

Big Science 
How About Never - Is Never Good For You? 
Outlandish Companion: Volume Two 
The Perfect Heresy 
Rebel Yell 
Royal Experiment 
Sinatra's Century 
The Big Fix
The Exile
Perfect Touch
Secret Brother

Science Fiction & Fantasy
An Apprentice to Elves 
The Devil's Only Friend 
Dragon Heart
Shadows of Self
A Field Guide to Happiness
Old Man River
The Perfect Heresy 
Swimming With Warlords
The Wet and the Dry

The Best Parts of Christmas 
Bug in a Vacuum 
Christmas Spirit: Me and My Dragon 
Flip Flap Safari 
Jingle! Jingle!: Can You Say It, Too? 
The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep 
Snow White and the 77 Dwarfs 
Sonya's Chickens 
Tommy Can't Stop! 
Book: My Autobiography
The Girl Who Soared Over Fairyland And Cut The Moon In Two
The Masked Truth 
Racing The Moon 
Say You Will
The Shrunken Head: Curiosity House
Silver Eve
Welcome to the Museum: Historium