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* * * T. H. White The Sword in the Stone US Orders
Order Can
Review Dell, 1978 (1938) Hardcover, Softcover, Paperback
The classic tale of young Wart's education at the hands of Merlyn, who lives backwards. Wart learns as a fish, bird and snake what it takes to be a king. (HW)

* * Erin Whitehead & Jennipher Walters A Girl's Guide to Fitting in Fitness US Orders
Order Can
Review Zest, 2013 (2013) Softcover, e-Book
How can teens stay healthy and fit while still meeting all the obligations they have connected to school, work, activities with friends and time with family? (BW)

* * * Kim Ablon Whitney The Perfect Distance US Orders
Order Can
Review Knopf, 2005 (2005) Hardcover
Competitive rider Francie Martinez strives for the perfect distance(JL)