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A book review of
Song to Die For
by Mike Blakely
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A book review of
by Keigo Higashino
A book review of
Who Discovered America?
by Gavin Menzies Columns
That Little Bit More
Recommended Reads '14
Win: Jane Green Duo
Bryant & May
North of Boston
Deep Secret
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The Job
Saving Grace
Little White Lies
Dress Shop of Dreams
Bleeding Heart
Deep Secret
A book review of
Bryant & May and the Bleeding Heart
by Christopher Fowler
A book review of
Through the Evil Days
by Julia Spencer-Fleming Excerpts
Leaving Time
Gray Mountain
The Anatomy Lesson
Fields of Blood
Deep Secret
The Roaring Twenties
Secrets of Tree Taylor
The Silver Star
Winter Sky
A book review of
Deadly Measure of Brimstone
by Catriona McPherson
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