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Recommended Reads (Oct)
A book review of
Table of Less Valued Knights
by Marie Phillips
A historical romp through Camelot - damsels in distress, prisoners in iron masks, a stand-in Lady of the Lake, a magical sword with its own agenda. This 5th Danish Department Q mystery centers on corruption in high (banking and government) places, backed by a gypsy Fagin & African child soldiers. A book review of
Marco Effect
by Jussi Adler-Olsen
A book review of
Hawley Book of the Dead
by Chrysler Szarlan
This urban fantasy that's all about magic - magic tricks & the real thing - opens: 'On the day I killed my husband, the scent of lilacs startled me awake.' Dublin Detectives Stephen Moran & Antoinette Conway investigate new evidence in a year old murder on the grounds of a private girls' school. A book review of
Secret Place
by Tana French

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