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Recommended Reads (Aug)
A book review of
by Ernest Cline
In this enthralling coming-of-age adventure by the author of Ready Player One, why does a real alien invasion play out just like a video game? 'An Unlikely Friendship and a Journey to the Heart of the Quran': explains how current Muslim practices are not all part of the original teachings of Islam. A book review of
If the Oceans Were Ink
by Carla Power
A book review of
3rd Woman
by Jonathan Freedland
The US, in this near future serial killer thriller, owes China trillions and allows them to maintain a military presence on US soil to protect their interests. After detective Cassie Dewell takes a new job in North Dakota, she finds herself in the middle of a vicious gang war - and body parts show up all over town. A book review of
by C. J. Box

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