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Recommended Reads (Nov)
A book review of
Windigo Island
by William Kent Krueger
In this 14th in the series, Cork, Jenny and Henry embark on a quest to find a missing family member of Henry's, a young teenager who ran away from home. A masterfully engineered murder mystery, set in a well realized near future society and peopled with characters who step off the pages to speak their lines. A book review of
Lock In
by John Scalzi
A book review of
Tower Lord
by Anthony Ryan
In this 2nd in the epic fantasy series, Vaelin Al Sorna returns to his homeland as Tower Lord of the Northern Reaches, with Volarian invaders hot on his heels. Ex-Caribbean intelligence operative Prudence 'Roo' Jones must foil a madman's vile plot to change the world - all in the eye of the hurricane. A book review of
Hurricane Fever
by Tobias S. Buckell

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