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Recommended Reads (Sep)
A book review of
War of the Wolf
by Bernard Cornwell
In this 11th in the Sacon Tales Uhtred feels cursed when he's pitted against Norseman Sköll, his sorcerer and terrifying wolf-warriors. Andrea believes she knows her mother through and through - until a trip to a nearby mall explodes in gun shots. A book review of
Pieces of Her
by Karin Slaughter
A book review of
Out of Season
by Antonio Manzini
This 3rd in the quirky series (translated from the Italian) assigns Schiavone the most perplexing case so far in his career. Li Du returns to Beijing where he keeps a low profile as assistant to a chief inspector, so he can investigate his mentor's execution. A book review of
City of Ink
by Elsa Hart

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