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Recommended Reads (Feb)
A book review of
Cold Cold Heart
by Tami Hoag
Dana Nolan, serial killer victim in The 9th Girl, returns home brain injured and disfigured, to dig into her best friend's long unsolved disappearance. Frankfurt detectives Pia Kirchhoff and Oliver von Bodenstein investigate an international pedophile ring operating at the highest levels of society. A book review of
Bad Wolf
by Nele Neuhas
A book review of
North of Boston
by Elisabeth Elo
After a fatal maritime hit-and-run, Pirio Kasparov's quest to find those responsible takes her all the way to the Canadian Arctic - and back again. Austrian Detective Inspector Beatrice Kaspary follows a geocaching trail in search of a serial killer, who's always one step ahead of the police. A book review of
by Ursula Archer

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