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Recommended Reads (Dec)
A book review of
Flame Bearer
by Bernard Cornwell
This 10th in the series focuses on Uhtred's life goal of reclaiming Bebbanburg, treacherously taken from him by the uncle who sold him into slavery. In this 2nd in the North America's Forgotten Past series, Cahokia is threatened by an Itza lord from the south, a 'man of unbridled ambition and charisma.' A book review of
Sun Born
by Kathleen O'Neal Gear
A book review of
Arcanum Unbounded
by Brandon Sanderson
A collection of 9 short stories and novellas, plus notes and explanations detailing Brandon Sanderson's greater universe, which connects all his stories. This horrific, action-packed, dystopian Walking Dead with an alien invasion twist opens a gripping new YA series that will fascinate older readers as well. A book review of
by Gregg Hurwitz

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