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Recommended Reads (Feb)
A book review of
Warriors of the Storm
by Bernard Cornwell
In this 9th in the series, Mercia is invaded by Northmen allied with the Irish, and Uhtred is torn between his loyalty to AEthelflaed and urgent family business. In this 2nd in the series, as a forest fire blazes, detective Lizzie Snow searches for a missing teen, worrying that an escaped kidnapper/rapist might have taken her. A book review of
Girls She Left Behind
by Sarah Graves
A book review of
by Lawrence M. Schoen
In a galaxy filled with uplifted mammals the Fant are universally despised, but their koph is in high demand for its use in communicating with the dead. Unable to continue as a paid government assassin, Will Robie returns home to Cantrell, Mississippi, where his estranged father has been arrested for murder. A book review of
by David Baldacci

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