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Recommended Reads (Mar)
A book review of
Marriage Game
by Alison Weir
Continues the story of the life of Queen Elizabeth I of England from the earlier novel, The Lady Elizabeth, showing how she played the marriage game. The fanatical Ishien are not what Kaden expected; Valyn's Wing suffer tribulations in the Steppe; and Adare seeks to take back the empire from her lover. A book review of
Providence of Fire
by Brian Staveley
A book review of
by W. C. Bauers
Introduces Promise Paen, a young officer in the Republic of Aligned Worlds Marine Corps as her unit is assigned to her frontier birth world, Montana. This S. African thriller has spies, diplomats, an assassin, an engaging young pickpocket and officer Benny Griessel; what more could any mystery reader want? A book review of
by Deon Meyer

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