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Recommended Reads (Aug)
A book review of
Hidden One
by Linda Castillo
Kate's first love, Amish Jonas Bowman, is arrested for murder when the remains of a bishop are found - he'd disappeared a decade before. In this 4th in the engaging series, Gwen and Iris investigate a Russian spy, with Iris on the run from police, under suspicion for murder. A book review of
Unkept Woman
by Allison Montclair
A book review of
Hatchet Island
by Paul Doiron
This 13th in the series takes Mike and his girlfriend Casey to Baker Island far off the coast, where biologists are first harassed and later brutally murdered. After the Martian Mob sabotages Phoecea asteroid colony, its resource manager deals with escalating crises, with repeated help from 4 teen rocketbikers. A book review of
Up Against It
by Laura J. Mixon

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