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Recommended Reads (Nov)
A book review of
by Lars Kepler
Detective Superintendent Joona Linna and Saga Bauer investigate a series of gruesome murders with links back to serial killer Jurek Walter, whose own vicious spree was ended by Joona. Corsairs Rafel and Nadia sail the Silver Wake through a maze of violent plots among the most powerful of the day - and manage to survive and even thrive. Miracles can happen. A book review of
All the Seas of the World
by Guy Gavriel Kay
A book review of
Affair of Spies
by Ronald H. Balson
Sergeant Silverman, who grew up in Berlin, is sent to retrieve a defector involved in the Nazi work on the bomb. He's accompanied by Dr. Allison Fisher, a brilliant nuclear physicist. Divorced substitute teacher Charlie's life changes dramatically - and in unimaginable ways - on the death of his billionaire uncle Jake, who was a global super-villain. A book review of
Starter Villain
by John Scalzi

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