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Recommended Reads (Apr)
A book review of
Blind Man's Garden
by Nadeem Aslam
Two Pakistani men who love the same woman help civilians in post-9/11 Afghanistan. At home their families await them amid troubles of their own. Addresses 'Motherhood, Feminism, and the Reality of the Biological Clock'. What's a woman to do? It's quite the juggling act to have it all. A book review of
Big Lie
by Tanya Selvaratnam
A book review of
Here and Now
by Ann Brashares
Prenna has only one friend outside her community of immigrants from the future; he understands the need to keep their friendship a secret. In The Chronicles of the Invaders #1, young Illyri Syl and her friend Ani become involved with Paul and Steven Kerr, members of the Resistance in Edinburgh. A book review of
by John Connolly

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