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Recommended Reads (Apr)
A book review of
Death in Denmark
by Amulya Malladi
In this 1st in an outstanding new mystery series, ex-Copenhagen cop Gabriel Pręst works to clear an Iraqi refugee, convicted of the murder of a right wing politician. This 1st in a brilliant new Spanish thriller series introduces gay Basque police officer Jon Gutierrez and legendary, reclusive forensic expert Antonia Scott. A book review of
Red Queen
by Juan Gómez-Jurado
A book review of
Standing in the Shadows
by Peter Robinson
In this 28th in the British police procedural series starring DCI Alan Banks, an archaeology dig uncovers a modern skeleton that ties in to an unsolved cold case. Mickey7 has retired as Niflheim ice world colony Expendable, but takes on a dangerous quest (involving two alien groups) to ensure the colony's survival. A book review of
Antimatter Blues
by Edward Ashton

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