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Recommended Reads (Oct)
A book review of
White Mirror
by Elsa Hart
In this 2nd in the series, Li Du travels with a Khampa trade caravan bound for Lhasa, that comes upon a monk cross-legged on a bridge - murdered! Nothing is what it seems when blue-haired defense attorney Maggie Rose looks into the conviction of handsome young surgeon Hamish Wolfe as a serial killer. A book review of
Daisy in Chains
by Sharon Bolton
A book review of
Adam's Rib
by Antonio Manzini
Italian Deputy Police Chief Rocco Schiavone investigates after a battered wife is found hanging from the ceiling in her apartment - and it wasn't suicide. In this 20th in the series, Meg Langslow is baseball mom extraordinaire as she copes with corrupt league head Biff Brown - and a corpse in a porta-potty! A book review of
Die Like an Eagle
by Donna Andrews

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