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Recommended Reads (June)
A book review of
Children of Earth and Sky
by Guy Gavriel Kay
Merchants, warriors, pirates and spies cross paths on land and at sea - and change the course of history - in an alternate Renaissance Europe. A historical novel (with elements of fantasy) set in Caer Cad in southwest Britain before the Roman landing in AD 43 under Emperor Claudius. A book review of
Daughter of Albion
by Ilka Tampke
A book review of
Mystery of the Venus Island Fetish
by Tim Flannery
In 1932, curator Archie Meek discovers skulls replaced on the Great Venus Island Fetish at the Sydney Museum - and curators missing! Reveals the fate of a controversial music manuscript by Johann Sebastian Bach and its rippling effects on those whose lives it touched. A book review of
And After the Fire
by Lauren Belfer

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