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Recommended Reads (Apr)
A book review of
by Jorgen Brekke
In Trondheim, Norway, an obscure 17th century lullaby is linked to the modern abduction (and murder) of young women who sing beautifully. What happens after Goddess Pallas Athene decides on an experiment and creates the Just City of which Plato wrote on a Mediterranean island (the mythical Atlantis). A book review of
Just City
by Jo Walton
A book review of
Crimson Campaign
by Brian McClellan
This 2nd in a trilogy opens with all leads in dire straits - they gradually extricate themselves from their frying pans only to find themselves in the fire. After a Stranger sidles up to attorney Adam Price out of nowhere and tells him that his happy suburban life is based on a lie, that life quickly derails. A book review of
by Harlan Coben

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