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Recommended Reads (Dec)
A book review of
by David Baldacci
After Army Special Agent John Puller's older brother Robert (convicted of treason) escapes from prison, our hero is assigned the task of tracking him down. Shan is forced to participate in an international commission investigating Tibetan suicides, after his predecessor is murdered. A book review of
Soul of the Fire
by Eliot Pattison
A book review of
Shotgun Arcana
by R. S. Belcher
Golgotha's guardians must battle a powerful evil, ignited by the widespread release of teeth from an ancient skull that a fallen angel failed to guard. In this 3rd in the series, star-crossed lovers - Wild Power Charlie Gale and teen Dragon Lord Jack - must save the planet from a rather large falling rock. A book review of
Future Falls
by Tanya Huff

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