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Recommended Reads (Sep)
A book review of
Everyone Lies
by A. D. Garrett
In Manchester, DCI Kate Simms & forensics expert Nick Fennimore investigate a series of drug overdoses - they uncover a serial killer and police corruption. Camping in the Minnesota Iron Range, Anna & friends are attacked by kidnappers - a heart stopping tale of wilderness endurance unfolds. A book review of
Destroyer Angel
by Nevada Barr
A book review of
by Kelley Armstrong
In this 2nd in the engrossing Cainsville urban fantasy series, body parts start showing up in Liv's life - who is trying to get her attention and why? Fitz's quiet life is disrupted - by messages from the Fool; by an unexpected and most unusual daughter; and by a surprising reunion with dire consequences. A book review of
Fool's Assassin
by Robin Hobb

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