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Recommended Reads (Oct)
A book review of
Entry Island
by Peter May
When insomniac Montreal detective Sime Mackenzie investigates murder on Entry Island, he doesn't expect to recognize the chief suspect from a past life. As Castle Ocean'a royal family deals with invading Imperials, mute Princess Tirza dreams of the dragon she soothed with stories - and the dragon hunts for more. A book review of
Dragon Heart
by Cecelia Holland
A book review of
Last Ragged Breath
by Julia Keller
In this 4th in a series starring West Virginia prosecutor Bell Elkins, a local recluse with a tragic past is tried for the murder of a resort firm's marketing guy. In this sequel to Artemis Awakening, Griffin, Adara, Sand Shadow and Terrell seek Maiden's Tear, a forbidden area that just might hold ancient technology. A book review of
Artemis Invaded
by Jane Lindskold

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