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Recommended Reads (May)
A book review of
Vatican Princess
by C. W. Gortner
Lucrezia Borgia slowly changes from a trusting child who blindly adores her father and brother to a young woman who has survived tragedy. An inspiring account of an indomitable woman and her passion - for justice, and for the country she believed that Iran could be again. A book review of
Until We Are Free
by Shirin Ebadi
A book review of
Language of Secrets
by Ausma Zehanat Khan
Trouble strikes close to home for Community Policing head Esa, while his partner Rachel goes undercover with a jihadist group. Jonah Williams, born into slavery on a South Carolina plantation and secretly taught to read, flees north on his 18th birthday, in 1850. A book review of
Chasing the North Star
by Robert Morgan

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