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Recommended Reads (Aug)
A book review of
Sea House
by Elisabeth Gifford
Moves back and forth in time to tell 2 stories centered on a mansion dubbed The Sea House on the remote Scottish island of Harris - & on selkies or mermaids. The emperor of Annur is murdered and his 2 sons (away undergoing very different, but equally gruelling training) and daughter all face tough challenges. A book review of
Emperor's Blades
by Brian Staveley
A book review of
Sorrow Bound
by David Mark
This 3rd in the series pits gentle giant DS Aector McAvoy against a surprising serial killer & a ruthless drug lord with seemingly limitless access to information. Five years after young Rachel Wiltshire's perfect life is shattered, she has another accident - and awakens to a very different life than the one she remembers. A book review of
Then and Always
by Dani Atkins

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