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Recommended Reads (Jan)
A book review of
Slip of the Keyboard
by Terry Pratchett
An engaging and consistently entertaining compendium of musings on life (including how to end it with dignity), Discworld, and fantasy as a genre. Russ & Clare's ice fishing honeymoon goes badly awry when an epic ice storm hits the region and killers track the couple through the frozen woods. A book review of
Through the Evil Days
by Julia Spencer-Fleming
A book review of
Lethal Code
by Thomas Waite
This 1st in a futuristic thriller series features devastating - and steadily escalating - cyber attacks on the United States homeland, their origin unknown. In this 2nd in the series, Darrow starts a civil war; learns the identity of resistance leader Ares; and reveals his own past - leading to his downfall. A book review of
Golden Son
by Pierce Brown

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