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Recommended Reads (July)
A book review of
Peter Pan Must Die
by John Verdon
Dave Gurney must figure out how a murder was committed given that 'the shot could not have been fired through the window through which it must have been fired'. D.C. Lacey Flint lives on the river Thames, works on the river and swims in the river, but a serial killer is just as much at home in the water as she is. A book review of
Dark and Twisted Tide
by Sharon Bolton
A book review of
Promise of Blood
by Brian McClellan
The Powder Mage trilogy opens on a scenario with the feel of the French Revolution, with magic thrown in - and just keeps on getting better and better. This SF adventure has 2 sets of unusual yet very credible alien societies, a first contact triangle, action, friendship and romance, all well leavened with humor. A book review of
Darkling Sea
by James Cambias

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