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Is your nose always in a book?
Do peers give you a hard time?
You know something they don't.

Keep on reading and you'll know
a whole lot of things they don't!


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Youngblood is a YA fantasy set in a fanged Hogwarts; Oye is a coming of age phone conversation between sisters; Last Chance is Rains Brothers #2; Secrets Never Die is about  secrets that should never have been buried; Promises Stronger Than Darkness is Unstoppable #3; How to Survive Everything is a near future dystopian - or is it?

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Cytonic is Skyward #3; A Golden Fury is a tale of magic and danger; Anxiety Relief for Teens offers 'Essential CBT Skills and Mindfulness Practices to Overcome Anxiety and Stress'.

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Books vs. Bullies; Teen Halloween 11; William Bell, Meg Cabot, Eoin Colfer, Peter Dickinson, Lois Duncan, Sarah Mlynowski, Tamora Pierce, Courtney Summers, The Difference Rap; more.

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Artemis Fowl, Darren Shan, Ender, Eragon, Wee Free Men, Wolf Brother , more.

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