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BookLoons Recommended Reads 2016
by Hilary Williamson

All is white outside here, from sky to forest floor and lake, so a White Christmas seems assured. Our tree is decorated, fruit cakes baked, and plans have been made to host family and friends over the holidays. Though the world situation seems especially bleak for so many, we hope there will be the possibility of some respite and good cheer ahead.

Chez moi, books are a given under our tree and in piles around the house for holiday reading. As always, BookLoons has recommendations for you, based on the best of our 2016 reading below (limited to 3 per genre). These are mainly hardcovers - find rave reads most likely published in paperback in 2016 in our Recommended Reads 2015.

Contemporary Fantasy Historical
The Crooked Heart of Mercy
The King Who Made Paper Flowers
The Bands of Mourning
Children of Earth and Sky
Chasing the North Star
The Flame Bearer
The Tumbling Turner Sisters
Mystery Mystery - Cozy Mystery - Historical
The Language of Secrets
The Quality of Silence
The Trespasser
Adam's Rib
Die Like an Eagle
The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules
The Mystery of the Venus Island Fetish
No Shred of Evidence
The White Mirror

Mystery - Int'l Mystery - Thriller Romance
I Am Your Judge
Love You Dead
A Midsummer's Equation
Just Fall
Life or Death
Orphan X
Between a Vamp and a Hard Place
Clear to Lift
The Witches of Cambridge
SF Non-Fiction
Karen Memory
The Last One
The Swarm
The New Trail of Tears
Super Genes
Until We Are Free
YA Fiction YA Fantasy/SF YA Mystery
Exit, Pursued by a Bear
Fifteen Lanes
Highly Illogical Behavior
The Rains
A Torch Against the Night
Will to Survive
Never Missing, Never Found
Southern Gothic
The Worst Night Ever
Picture Books Chapter Books
A Child of BOOKS
The Darkest Dark
Who Broke the Teapot?
Michelangelo for Kids
Moon Bear
Paths & Portals

Find more book gift suggestions in our many previous Holiday Columns.

All of us at BookLoons wish you and yours the best of times, the happiest of
holidays, and a joyous, healthy, prosperous and peaceful 2017!!

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