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A book review of
Shotgun Arcana
by R. S. Belcher
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A book review of
Slow Regard of Silent Things
by Patrick Rothfuss
A book review of
by Arturo Perez-Reverte Columns
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The Anatomy Lesson
A Deadly Measure of Brimstone
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Proof Positive
The Missing Place
Little Christmas Jingle
Singing to a Bulldog
Hollow Mountain
Old Man River
A book review of
Wouldn't It Be Deadly
by D. E. Ireland
A book review of
Flesh and Blood
by Patricia Cornwell Excerpts
The Escape
Leaving Time
The Anatomy Lesson
The Bright Continent
A Barricade in Hell
Fields of Blood
Mortal Gods
The Slow Regard ...
Daisy to the Rescue
Photos Framed
Greek Gods
A book review of
For the Dead
by Timothy Hallinan
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