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A book review of
by J. A. Jance
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A book review of
Fall of Heaven
by Andrew Scott Cooper
A book review of
House Without Windows
by Nadia Hashimi Columns
Understanding Islam
Win: Bury the Living
Edgar Allan Poe Coloring
The Seed Apple
New Reviews
Blue Madonna
The Velvet Hours
Among the Shadows
Girl from the Savoy
Otherworld Chills
Curious Minds
A book review of
I Shot the Buddha
by Colin Cotterill
A book review of
Kept Woman
by Karin Slaughter Excerpts
Sun in Your Eyes
News of the World
The Way to the Spring
Sorcerer's Daughter
Die Like an Eagle
Julia Vanishes
Southern Gothic
Rivals in the City
Exit, Pursued by
a Bear
On Edge
A book review of
Adam's Rib
by Antonio Manzini
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