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* * * Touré The Portable Promised Land US Orders
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ReviewExcerpt Back Bay, 2003 (2002) Hardcover, Paperback
A collection of short stories, many set in the mythical Soul City, where African Americans are engagingly and riotously larger than life. (HW)

* * * Touré Soul City US Orders
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ReviewExcerpt Little, Brown & Co., 2004 (2004) Hardcover
Cadillac Jackson heads to Soul City with 'a pen in one hand and a pad in the other, hungry to catch every detail.(HW)

* * Gemma Townley Learning Curves: A Novel of Sex, Suits, and Business Affairs US Orders
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Review Ballantine, 2006 (2006) Paperback
Londoner Jennifer Bell is manipulated by her mother into doing MBA work at her father's consulting firm, while spying on the company. (RS)