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BookLoons Recommended Reads 2022
by Hilary Williamson

Here we are nearing the end of 2022, a year at least as challenging as the one before, with the pandemic lingering, continuing environmental catastrophes, and war in Europe with serious economic consequences worldwide. Let's hope for a better - and safer for all, especially for Ukrainians - 2023!

Meanwhile, all of us bookworms - and bookloons - will continue to find relief for harsh world news in reading. We have recommendations below, based on the best of our 2022 reading. These are mainly hardcovers - find rave reads most likely published in paperback in 2022 in our Recommended Reads 2021.

Contemporary Fantasy Historical
Black Cake
Mad Honey

Book of Night
Kagen the Damned
Servant Mage
The House of Fortune
The Wedding Dress Sewing Circle
The White Hare

Mystery Mystery-Cozy Mystery-Historical
Blackwater Falls
The Murder Rule
Things We Do in the Dark
Dashing Through the Snowbirds
The Fragrance of Death
Secrets of the Nile

December '41
A Sunlit Weapon
The Unkept Woman

Mystery-International Mystery-Thriller SF
Dark Music
The Shadow Murders
Wild Prey
The Chase
Girl, Forgotten
Last Seen Alive

The Kaiju Preservation Society
Ocean's Echo

Non-Fiction YA Fiction Books for WeeLoons
Beautiful Country
Keep Sharp
The Normans
A Mirror Mended
These Deadly Games
Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves

Cress Watercress
I'll Go and Come Back
Marco Polo Brave Explorer
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All of us at BookLoons wish you and your loved ones better and safer times, the
happiest of holidays, and a joyous, peaceful, prosperous and healthy 2023!!

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