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Ocean Creatures

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Stories for WeeLoons
button The Twelve Days of Camping by Hilary Williamson
Sung to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas.
button Something New by Hilary S. Daninhirsch
'Something new is on my plate ... '
button The Magic Pumpkin by Hilary Williamson
Will a magic wish be used to help a friend in need?
(Picture book available, illustrated by Lynne Adams.)
button Kili Climb by Hilary Williamson
When kids climb Mount Kilimanjaro, is it only a dream?
button MomCat by Hilary Williamson
How Sam found a home, just in time - a true story.
button Which Planet Is Your Favorite? by Hilary S. Daninhirsch
'Let's explore the planets / Way up in the sky ...'
What if my bus doesn't come? by Hilary Williamson
A missing school bus inspires imaginary journeys.
button Looking for Susie
by Bernadine Cook; illustrated by Marie_Louise Scull

It's suppertime. Where is Susie? Everyone looks for her.
button The Little Puppy That Lost Its Tail
by Bernadine Cook; illustrated by Joanne Weber

A small puppy enlists family & friends to search for his lost tail.
button A Friend for Simeon by Hilary Williamson
A smelly skunk and a prickly porcupine find something in common.
button Oppposite Day by Hilary S. Daninhirsch
Find out 'what happens each year on Opposite Day.'
button Difference Rap by Hilary Williamson
Dream your own dreams, dare to be different ...
button A Modern Matilda by Hilary Williamson
What might happen to Matilda Who Told Lies nowadays?
A Mother's Lament by Hilary Williamson
Rocks in the laundry, ants in the pantry and more ...
button My first day at French school / Ma première journée à l'école anglaise
by Hilary Williamson; illustrated by Alessia Kockel

For kids anxious about starting French immersion or l'école anglaise.
button Never Ever by Hilary Williamson
Never ever make friends with a crocodile ...
button There's A Grizzly Bear In My Bed! by Hilary Williamson
For little ones who have trouble sleeping through the night.
button The Tooth Fairy's Cousin by Hilary Williamson
Lizzie and the Tooth Fairy's cousin make a deal ...