children's books

A Mother's Lament

by Hilary Williamson

        Don't leave your rocks in the laundry
        They've already been washed in the rain
        There's a rock and roll band in the dryer
        And the racket will drive us insane

        Please don't put your ants in the pantry
        They escaped from their box and are free
        They're all lining up for the sugar you spilled
        And inviting their friends in for tea

        That Home Alone trap that you set up?
        It was triggered this morning by Kyle
        Your brother's been sloshed by a bucket of slime
        You'd better hide out for a while

        So don't put the rocks in the pantry
        The ants in the laundry won't do
        If you squeeze them all into the closet
        There might just be room left for you!