children's books

Never Ever

by Hilary Williamson

Never ever make friends with a crocodile
However much you admire his low profile
If you turn your back, in just a little while
You'll find yourself inside that toothy smile

Don't wave red rags at a charging bull
All the other kids may think it's cool
To watch him trample you down at school -
But you won't impress them, don't act the fool

Don't slink alongside a hyena pack
But if you must, then watch your back
For if they can't catch the prey they track
You'll be the next one they attack

Don't run in the midst of a lemming swarm
Though you don't need to think if you conform
When they jump off a cliff in the raging storm
Don't leap just so you can wear their uniform

Never ever make friends with friends like these
False friends are far worse than enemies
Instead befriend those he's and she's -
Who are listeners, loyal, and like you ... please!