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* * * Mini Grey The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon US Orders
Order Can
Review Knopf, 2006 (2006) Hardcover
Injects riotous (and modern) new life into the familiar nursery rhyme adventure, whose ending has always been left open to the imagination. (HW)

* * * Mini Grey Traction Man meets TurboDog US Orders
Order Can
Review Knopf, 2008 (2008) Hardcover
A cute and comic story, engagingly illustrated and with plenty of cultural references that adults will enjoy at least as much as kids. (HW)

* * Kitty Griffin & Marjorie Priceman The Ride: The Legend of Betsy Dowdy US Orders
Order Can
Review Atheneum, 2010 (2010) Hardcover
Based on a legend that dates back to the Revolutionary War, this picture book is the story of a brave teenager who reputedly rode 50 miles to warn American soldiers that a British attack was imminent. (BW)

* * Nikki Grimes & Bryan Collier Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope US Orders
Order Can
Review Simon & Schuster, 2008 (2008) Hardcover
An excellent way for young readers to become acquainted with highlights of Barack Obama's life growing up 'From the beaches of Hawaii to the streets of Chicago, from the jungles of Indonesia to the plains of Kenya'. (JL)

* * Nikki Grimes & E. B. Lewis Danitra Brown, Class Clown US Orders
Order Can
Review HarperCollins, 2005 (2005) Hardcover
Verse vignettes reflect Zuri Jackson's feelings about returning to school, and about her 'Matchless' friend Danitra Brown. (HW)