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* * Janet Reed Ahearn & Drazen Kozjan Don't Call Me Pruneface! US Orders
Order Can
Review Hyperion, 2010 (2010) Hardcover
Paul, who is the nicest boy on the block, must learn how to cope with the nasty little girl who moves in next door. (BW)

* * * Janet Ahlberg & Allan Ahlberg Each Peach Pear Plum US Orders
Order Can
Review Penguin, 1999 (1978) Hardcover, Paperback
Challenges a child to 'I spy' characters in hiding on pages with a magical mix of figures familiar from nursery rhyme and fairytale. (HW)

* * * Janet Ahlberg & Allan Ahlberg The Jolly Christmas Postman US Orders
Order Can
ReviewExcerpt Little, Brown & Co., 2001 (1991) Hardcover
A cheerful, determined postman bikes through the snow and delivers holiday mail (full of activities for little ones to enjoy) to nursery rhyme characters. (HW)

* * Kimberly Ainsworth & Daniel Roode Moustache Up!: A Playful Game of Opposites US Orders
Order Can
Review Simon & Schuster, 2013 (2013) Hardcover
Toddlers who don't think facial hair is fun, might well change their minds after seeing this funny, interactive board book. (BW)