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* * Cale Atkinson Explorers Of The Wild US Orders
Order Can
Review Hyperion, 2016 (2016) Hardcover, e-Book
In this picture book, a little boy and a bear explore the forest together and share an adventure. (JM)

* * Cale Atkinson To the Sea US Orders
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Review Hyperion, 2015 (2015) Hardcover
An unusual story about friendship and helping out when someone is experiencing a time of need. (BW)

* * * Cale Atkinson Where Oliver Fits US Orders
Order Can
Review Tundra, 2017 (2017) Hardcover
A small, cute puzzle piece just wants to fit in, but learns that it's more important to be yourself. (HW)

* * * Margaret Atwood & Dusan Petricic Bashful Bob and Doleful Dorinda US Orders
Order Can
Review Key Porter, 2004 (2004) Hardcover
An abandoned baby boy brought up barking, and a delightful girl turned into a drudge, combine forces to redeem themselves. (HW)

* * * Margaret Atwood & Dusan Petricic Rude Ramsay and the Roaring Radishes US Orders
Order Can
Review Key Porter, 2003 (2003) Hardcover
Story of a friendship that develops across a great divide in lifestyles - a masterpiece in shades of "R". (HW)