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Recommended Reads (Oct)
A book review of
Dark Music
by David Lagercrantz
In this unique and exciting thriller, beat cop Micaela Vargas teams up with Professor Hans Rekke (think a Swedish Sherlock Holmes). Lucie's small acts of defiance gradually grow bigger after she and her mother join her surly uncle Gérard in WW II German-occupied Paris. A book review of
Small Acts of Defiance
by Michelle Wright
A book review of
Girl, Forgotten
by Karin Slaughter
Newly graduated US Marshall Andrea Oliver secretly takes on a cold case as well as her official assignment to Longbill Beach. Law student Sara takes a ride share home from her bar job with a very drunk Sarah, who is murdered - but who was really the target? A book review of
Are You Sara?
by S.C. Lalli

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