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Recommended Reads (Nov)
A book review of
Noble Path
by Peter May
A disgraced soldier signs up to rescue 3 Cambodians from the Khmer Rouge while the daughter who thought he was dead heads to Thailand in search of him. In a post apocalyptic future, various factions (on and off world, and including aliens and artificial intelligences) struggle to control the Earth. A book review of
by L. X. Beckett
A book review of
Scornful Stars
by Richard Baker
This 3rd in the series pits Sikander Singh North (with his first command) against Zerzura Sector pirates, as well as series super-villain Otto Bleindel. Includes 85 parodies of well known allegories (taken from Fables for Our Time, Further Fables for Our Time), plus 10 previously uncollected. A book review of
Collected Fables
by James Thurber

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