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Macdonald -> Majd -> Matthiessen -> Mayes -> McCarthy -> Millard -> Mitchelhill -> Moorhouse -> Moser -> Mowat

* * * Frances Mayes Under the Tuscan Sun US Orders
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ReviewExcerpt Broadway, 2003 (1997) Hardcover, Softcover, Audio, CD, e-Book
Mayes fulfills a fantastic dream restoring and owning a villa in Italy. (SB)

* * * Frances Mayes A Year in the World: Journeys of a Passionate Traveller US Orders
Order Can
ReviewExcerpt Broadway, 2006 (2006) Hardcover, CD, e-Book
Mayes shares a series of trips, in which she works hard to understand and empathize with other cultures, often quoting a region's famed writers and poets. (HW)

* * * Peter Mayle French Lessons: Adventures with Knife, Fork and Corkscrew US Orders
Order Can
Review Knopf, 2002 (2001) Hardcover, Paperback, Audio, CD
A quick and amusing look into the festivals and restaurants of France. (MS)

* * Peter Mayle A Good Year US Orders
Order Can
Review Knopf, 2004 (2004) Hardcover, Audio, CD
Max Skinner, struggling with life in London, inherits his uncle's struggling vineyard in France. (MS)

* * Peter Mayle Provence A-Z: A Francophile's Essential Handbook US Orders
Order Can
Review Vintage, 2008 (2008) Softcover
Peter Mayles takes his reader alphabetically through Provence. (MS)