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* * * Richard Baker Valiant Dust: Breaker of Empires #1 US Orders
Order Can
Review Tor, 2017 (2017) Hardcover, e-Book
This 1st in an exciting new series is military SF at its best. (HW)

* * * Iain Banks The Business US Orders
Order Can
ReviewExcerpt Little, Brown & Co., 2000 (1999) Hardcover, Softcover, Paperback
It has mystery, romance, wit, and a number of delightful characters including the heroine, Kate Telman. Kate is an executive of a megacompany, the Business, whose origins predate the Christian church.  (WW)

* * * Iain M. Banks The Hydrogen Sonata US Orders
Order Can
Review Orbit, 2012 (2012) Hardcover, Softcover, CD, e-Book
When information emerges that might threaten the imminent Gzilt Sublimation, a Gzilt leader engineers a cover-up in opposition to the great Ship Minds' pursuit of the truth. (HW)

* * * Iain Banks Inversions US Orders
Order Can
ReviewExcerpt Pocket, 2001 (1999) Hardcover, Paperback
Doctor Vosill and DeWar serve two different powerful figures on a world with two suns. Where do they come from and what do they share? A fascinating multi-layered tale, in which the author gradually weaves clues along with additional mysteries. (HW)

* * * Iain Banks Look to Windward US Orders
Order Can
ReviewExcerpt Pocket, 2002 (2000) Hardcover, Paperback
The Culture's past meddling caused a civil war that killed 5 billion Chelgrians, who now plan an act of revenge. A rich, multi-layered tale of love, life and death, intervention, and responsibility. (HW)