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* * * Claire A. Nivola Planting the Trees of Kenya: The Story of Wangari Maathai US Orders
Order Can
Review Farrar Straus & Giroux, 2008 (2008) Hardcover
Introduces the winner of the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize, Wangari Maathai, who taught the people of Kenya to plant their own trees. (HD)

* * * Garth Nix One Beastly Beast: Two Aliens, Three Inventors, Four Fantastic Tales US Orders
Order Can
Review Eos, 2007 (2007) Hardcover
These 4 fantastic tales include: Blackbeard the Pirate, The Princess and the Beastly Beast, Bill the Inventor, and Serena and the Sea Serpent(JL)

* * Marc Tyler Nobleman & Ross Macdonald Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman US Orders
Order Can
Review Knopf, 2008 (2008) Hardcover
This bright and cheerful rendering presents the tale of two shy, creative boys who persisted against all odds to bring to life what was at the time an unprecedented concept: an alien superhero in a real-world setting. (TI)

* * Nomad Wool: Investigate Materials US Orders
Order Can
ReviewExcerpt Nomad, 2011 (2011) Hardcover, Softcover, e-Book
This is one in a series of picture books that investigate materials. (BW)