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Pleasure Exchange    by Cathryn Fox order for
Pleasure Exchange
by Cathryn Fox
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2008 (2008)
*   Reviewed by Belle Dessler

Sam York is on the brink of a major discovery. He's been working on perfecting a female libido enhancer, and his laboratory studies have gone well – at least until his nosy neighbor, Cathleen Nichols, interfered. Driven by her desire to write a journalistic piece that would force her superiors to treat her with respect, she wrote an exposé on Sam and his experiments. Unfortunately, an erroneous assumption on her part has an animal protection group picketing outside his laboratory.

Sam would never test his libido enhancer on his beloved pet monkey, but he does lack an appropriate test subject. Ridden with guilt, Cathleen offers herself as an appropriate stand-in so he can complete his project before his grant money runs out. Having lusted after Cathleen from afar, Sam would be a fool to pass up her more than generous offer. But what happens when he realizes he wants Cathleen in his life permanently, and not just as a temporary guinea pig for his wonder formula?

The third installment of Fox's Pleasure Games series is just as light and sassy as the first two books. Fox has made a name for herself by writing fantasy-laden contemporary romances heavy on eroticism and light on realism. Unfortunately, there's no conflict in Pleasure Exchange to keep the reader's interest engaged, and the characters come across as one-dimensional. Their bedroom antics are entertaining for a while, but the lack of any real struggle between the two makes it difficult to care what happens to them.

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