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Seaview Inn
by Sherryl Woods
Order:  USA  Can
Mira, 2008 (2008)

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* * *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

Hannah Matthews heads to Seaview Inn to try to convince her eighty-five year old grandmother to sell up and move to a retirement home. Hannah has a high powered job as a PR executive. She is a single mother to Kelsey. She is also a breast cancer survivor and is awaiting tests to make sure her cancer hasn't come back - she is terrified of the thought of dying from the same disease that claimed her mother. Hannah knows that her grandmother will balk at the idea of the retirement home but has no idea that her old friend Luke Stevens will be renting a room at Seaview Inn.

Grandma Jenny has recently lost her daughter to cancer and knows that Hannah wants to send her to a retirement home. She hopes to convince Hannah to stay and help her run Seaview Inn. When Luke shows up, she remembers that Hannah had a crush on him as a child and her matchmaking skills kick in. Then twenty-year-old Kelsey shows up at the inn to tell her mom that she is pregnant. Hannah is furious that her daughter wants to quit school. Not only does Kelsey talk about not marrying Jeff, who fathered her baby, but she also plans to give the child up for adoption. On top of all this, Kelsey realizes that she loves Seaview Inn and has a knack for getting it ready for visitors again.

Seaview Inn takes the lives of three generations of women and brings them closer than ever. Hannah discovers that Kelsey is not a child any more and that she can make decisions that work for her. Kelsey learns that her grandmother has stories from her life that are fascinating, and helps Hannah realize that Grandma Jenny is more than just her grandmother. Hannah also learns that the father she has not seen since she was a young child lives nearby, and finds out the reason he has not come back to see her. Sherryl Woods creates memorable stories that bring heartfelt emotions to the forefront and Seaview Inn is no exception.

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