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The Devil Inside: Morgan Kingsley Exorcist Book 1    by Jenna Black order for
Devil Inside
by Jenna Black
Order:  USA  Can
Spectra, 2007 (2007)
Paperback, e-Book

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*   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Exorcist Morgan Kingsley lives in a world where people either idolize or abhor demons and the dark reality that many of them reside in human host bodies. Morgan has never wanted to share that particular experience; her life is dedicated to exorcising demons whenever the need arises. So when she discovers that she has been possessed by one of the most powerful demons around, her life and her career take a sudden deadly turn as she - and the demon she's unwillingly protecting - are targeted for annihilation.

The demon inside Morgan is heading up a war of succession after learning that his two brothers are organizing a coup - one that would result in all humans becoming their unwilling slaves. Now if he could only convince his tough and unyielding host to work with him - and the two lieutenants he's assigned to help her - rather than against him, they could stop the traitors in their tracks. Morgan has absolutely no intention of giving in to her demonic invader, or accepting Adam's and Dominic's help. But when her boyfriend is taken, she has no choice but to allow the two demon-possessed humans to help keep her one step ahead of demonic assassins.

Black's Guardians of the Night vampire series showcases her skill with characterization, world building and establishing an urban fantasy tone. The same can be said of her new Morgan Kingsley series: plot and mythology show promise and Morgan harbours all the attributes of the kick-butt, yet often vulnerable heroine, who is all the rage in paranormals. Unfortunately the action, plot and believable character motivation bog down halfway through as Black shifts the focus to Adam's and Dom's relationship and propensity for S & M. Though Black does get back to the main focus of the story and provides a good lead-in for the next instalment, that focus comes far too late, making The Devil Inside a disappointing debut.

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