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Demon's Kiss
by Eve Silver
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Forever, 2007 (2007)

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

The Compact of Sorcerers is an elite brotherhood of immortals sworn to guard the human realm from demonic invasion. For a thousand years, sorcerer Ciarran D'Arbois has followed the rules that govern him, but when he comes across a dying child, he makes a grave miscalculation. Rather than easing her into peaceful death, his magic heals her. Afterwards, he's too drained to keep the marauding demons at bay, and a great battle ensues. Ciarran perseveres, but not before he's seriously injured and infected with demonic darkness. From that moment on, he spends every waking hour battling the sinister poison that threatens to overwhelm him.

Twenty years pass before Ciarran and Clea Masters meet again. The ancient demon, that almost broke through the night Clea lay near death, is determined to win; it knows that she is the key to throwing open Hell's portal. However, Ciarran senses the sudden imbalance and takes the young woman under his protection before the demon and its minions can control her. He's instantly aware of their special connection, and battles to deny his raging attraction. Clea too, has a hard time coming to terms with her new reality, her growing magical powers - and most of all, the sensual hunger that Ciarran D'Arbois unleashes within her.

After three well received historical gothics, Silver has quickly established herself as an author to watch, as well as one comfortable writing in various genres. Demon's Kiss is the first in her new paranormal series and while Silver injects adequate conflict and nice touches of dark and edgy action, it's clear that the focus is sensuality and passion rather than character and world building. Clea is somewhat two-dimensional and spends too much time internalizing her rather juvenile erotic fantasies - to the point where I just couldn't buy into the couple's magical attraction. However, Silver plays up the tall, dark and tortured immortal very well in Ciarran D'Arbois, and the short sketches of his fellow sorcerers are also convincing.

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