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Warrior Angel
by Margaret Weis
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2007 (2007)
Paperback, e-Book

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*   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Derek de Molay was once a dedicated Templar Knight, having given up everything to join the order and the holy Crusades. Unfortunately, he becomes one of the many caught up in the Templars' downfall of 1307. After days of torture, Derek goes to his grave denying charges of wrongdoing and devil worship, secure in his belief in God and the integrity of his fellow Templars. But when he's accused of displaying false pride while awaiting admission into the Blessed Realm, he renounces God and as punishment is consigned to Purgatory to fight the eternal war against Lucifer and his Angels of Darkness. After centuries of trying to balance the scales of good and evil, Derek is summoned by the Archangel Michael and offered redemption.

Michael explains that mortal Rachel Duncan has been targeted by one of Lucifer's. Andreas Zanus is showering Rachel with romantic attention and expensive gifts. She has no idea of Zanus's real agenda - sending the world's financial market into complete chaos. Who better to help orchestrate the disaster than a commodities trader with unfettered access to the Chicago Merchantile Exchange? Derek's orders are to insinuate himself into Rachel's life and reveal Zanus's true nature before he claims Rachel's soul. But there's an additional catch - Derek will be stripped of all his powers and must rely solely on his former human skills to thwart Zanos and convince Rachel Duncan that she faces unholy danger.

Veteran fantasy author Margaret Weis (creator of the popular Dragonlance series) and her daughter Lizz team up in their first foray into paranormal romance. While their concept has potential, they don't quite pull it off: they rely too heavily on overused plot devices and clichéd characterizations and dialogue. Nor is there any real chemistry between Derek and Rachel - who seems more interested in her bank account than believing in Derek. William, the long-suffering angel charged to oversee Derek's descent back to Earth, adds a small degree of comic relief as he constantly bails the stubborn knight out of hot water while rediscovering his human side.

Paranormal romance fans who enjoy an uncomplicated and quick read might enjoy Warrior Angel - those who prefer meatier character and plot development should give this one a pass.

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