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Drop Dead Gorgeous    by Linda Howard order for
Drop Dead Gorgeous
by Linda Howard
Order:  USA  Can
Ballantine, 2006 (2006)
Paperback, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Linda Howard presents another lighthearted contemporary romance in Drop Dead Gorgeous. This sequel to last year's enjoyable To Die For gives us the further adventures of fitness salon owner, Blair Mallory.

Blair and her fiancÚ, steely-eyed detective Wyatt Bloodsworth, expected their road to marital bliss to be smooth sailing once Blair's maniacal ex-husband was safely behind bars. However, Wyatt soon finds out that his bride-to-be is just as maniacal when it comes to making wedding plans. In fact, for Blair it's become a matter of womanly pride (not to mention a giant dose of stubbornness) to prove to her arrogant fiancÚ that she can organize a killer wedding (including finding a wedding dress that will make her look like a million bucks) in under the one month time limit Wyatt demands - otherwise he says, they're on the first plane to Vegas. But when a big Buick runs Blair down in the local mall's parking lot, her plans come to a screeching halt.

With no witnesses and little evidence to the late evening incident, Wyatt is inclined to believe that it was simply a bizarre and unfortunate accident. But Blair is certain she's being targeted all over again. She soon begins receiving threatening phone calls and repeatedly spots someone tailing her. However, by the time Wyatt comes to investigate her claims, Blair's stalker is long gone. Eventually though, the perpetrator's identity is revealed as the story winds down to a somewhat predictable conclusion.

It's clear from the tone, the uncomplicated plot, and the fact that Drop Dead Gorgeous is told entirely through Blair's often quirky southern debutante point of view, that Howard wasn't aiming to present her usual gritty and suspense filled story. Wyatt comes across as a bit overbearing sometimes like many of Howard's male leads, but the stubbornly independent Blair puts him in his place readily enough. This is clearly a battle of the sexes story - Blair and Wyatt's constant struggles to gain the upper hand are often very amusing, but most of their loud skirmishes usually end up being resolved in the bedroom. Drop Dead Gorgeous is a fast and fun read, and we'll undoubtedly meet Blair and Wyatt in another installment very soon.

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