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by Annie Solomon
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2006 (2006)

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Margo Scott lives an ordinary life as a rare book dealer. She has family and friends, and has just returned from a month-long vacation in Spain. Suddenly, violent nightmares begin plaguing her, dreams filled with blood and death that soon leave her doubting her sanity. Odder still are her lightning swift reactions and her obvious talent with knives. Where and when did she learn such lethal skills? Then Margo is implicated in the murder of Frank Temple, deputy director of the Terrorism Control Force. She swears to the police that she doesn't know the man, but a photo of her with him clearly says otherwise.

Agent Jake Wise also has a lot invested in this murder investigation. Temple was not only his boss, but his close friend and mentor. Only a few days earlier, Temple had pulled Jake in to monitor Margo's activities, but had never explained why. Jake wants to believe the icy beauty's assertions that she's innocent, but Margo has definite trust issues. Her attitude leaves him wondering if she really is the deadly assassin the police claim her to be. But when they both become the targets of brutal hit men, the two loners have no choice but to work together. In a wild chase that takes them back to the place where Margo's nightmares began, they even manage to fall in love.

Blackout is another edge-of-your-seat thriller and Solomon puts some nice twists into what might have otherwise been a generic amnesia story. She also does a good job of portraying her two leads: Margo is filled with uncertainty, fear and disbelief as her safe world begins unraveling. Even so, she's determined to uncover her real life. The easy-going Jake is equally determined to learn who murdered his friend and mentor, and doesn't let his attraction to Margo get in the way of finding those answers. This well-written, exciting story shows that Solomon is on top of her game.

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