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Sweet as Sugar, Hot as Spice    by Kimberly Raye order for
Sweet as Sugar, Hot as Spice
by Kimberly Raye
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2005 (2005)

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* *   Reviewed by Marie Hashima Lofton

Sweet as Sugar, Hot as Spice follows the story of the Farrel sisters, whose mother is a famous feminist with her own television show. This third in the series focuses on the only unmarried daughter, Eve, who finds she has become the 'good daughter', since her mother staunchly believes that woman are better off single and independent.

Eve has always been the black sheep. She makes a living running her own company called Sugar and Spice Sinema, creating how to sex videos. She's done very well for herself, and while in some ways she's followed in her mother's footsteps (Jacqueline's television show is called Sexed Up!), she has always tried to find ways to upset her mother. Now, her mother wants to be friends. Jacqueline has a significant other, Donovan Martin, the father of the three sisters, but marriage is not in the cards as far as Jacqueline is concerned. It goes against her religion. So, with two of her daughters happily wedded, Jacqueline is proud that Eve has resisted the temptation to do the same.

The book opens at the wedding of sister Xandra, with Eve still in shock over the entire premise. Then, she gets a brilliant idea. After she becomes reacquainted with Linc Adams, a redneck womanizer NASCAR driver, with whom she had a blind date a number of years ago, Eve decides that he may be the solution to her problems. Linc is in a mayoral race in his hometown of Adams, Georgia, a race he does not want to win. He is trying to convince voters that he's not mayoral material. The two agree that getting married would meet their objectives. Eve cannot stand Linc, but she knows this temporary marriage will irritate her mother to no end, and Linc will surely lose the election. It is only for nine months - as soon as Linc loses the campaign, they will initiate the divorce.

This is a beach read with a lot of steam. Linc and Eve are opposites who attract each other, and there are a few hot love scenes. There is also plenty of humor, the trademark of this trilogy. While the focus is on Eve and Linc, a subplot involves Jacqueline and Donovan, as the issue of marriage rears its ugly head in their relationship. And Ruella Farrel, Jacqueline's mother, has her own little story, looking for that one great orgasm that she's been waiting for all her life. For those who enjoy a little fluff with steamy scenes, Sweet as Sugar, Hot as Spice is the perfect getaway - not a very serious book, but entertaining.

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