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Honk if You Love Real Men    by Carrie Alexander & et al order for
Honk if You Love Real Men
by Carrie Alexander
Order:  USA  Can
St. Martin's, 2005 (2005)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

In this collection of four spicy tales, authors Alexander, Britton, Donovan & Leigh take a few of women's most popular hero fantasies and put a realistic, fun and spicy spin on them.

What woman hasn't fantasized at least once over those tall, dark, tanned guys in hardhats and orange safety vests? In Carrie Alexander's Naughty Girl, a young maid named Estrella does just that and thinks the only way she can get road crew worker Jesse to notice her is by becoming someone she's not. But she soon discovers that she's just the kind of girl he needs in his life. Lora Leigh's Reno's Chance tells the story of long-time friends Raven and Reno; she's loved him ever since they were kids. When Reno signs up for SEAL training, Raven is heartbroken. Her father was a SEAL and she knows first hand how his death devastated her family. From that moment on, Raven decides that Reno can't be any more than a friend. But after ten years of waiting, Reno isn't about to let Raven push him away any longer.

Pamela Britton's Wanted: One Hot-Blooded Man finds Breanna Miller flying cross-country to pay a visit to her old high school flame. Once she meets Trent she's surprised to find he's shed his former bookish persona. As their old attraction finds new sparks, she wonders if she has the courage to face her fear of intimacy in Trent's sheltering arms.

Susan Donovan brings her fans another breezy, funny tale in Mercy Me. Win Mackland only has a few weeks to come up with a workable script for her hit movie franchise, featuring super spy Maximillion Mercy. Unfortunately, her well of inspiration has gone bone dry. Much-needed first aid comes in the form of her agent's posh cabin hideaway, whose peace and quiet, Artie assures her, will get her juices flowing again. Once Win arrives, she discovers that everything from the dishwasher to the dryer have been conveniently sabotaged, forcing her to call on her grumpy next door neighbour, Mac MacBeth, for help. Win and Mac should both be furious that Artie set them up, but within hours Win's creative well becomes a bubbling torrent and Mac wonders where Win's been all his life.

So pour yourself a long, tall and very icy drink, and settle into your hammock with your copy of Honk If You Love Real Men; it's a great way to while away a sultry summer afternoon.

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