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He Loves Lucy    by Susan Donovan order for
He Loves Lucy
by Susan Donovan
Order:  USA  Can
St. Martin's, 2005 (2005)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Marketing whiz Lucy Cunningham had high hopes that she'd finally found the perfect advertising agency to work for. But when her mentor dies suddenly during routine surgery, leaving the company in the hands of incompetent partner Stephan Sherrod, Lucy sets out to land a lucrative contract that will richly reward the whole team. The only problem is that Lucy must face every one of her fears and inhibitions and display herself on a nationally televised fitness challenge. If she loses 100 pounds in a year, she and her personal trainer, Theo Redmond, will each receive $100,000. Lucy isn't thrilled about being the guinea pig for her brainchild but will do just about anything for the opportunity to start her own ad agency.

Theo Redmond has never backed down from a challenge, so steps up to this sudden opportunity to fund his way back into medical school. When he meets Lucy he realizes he's facing his toughest client yet. She's smart-mouthed and stubborn, and he soon realizes that this voluptuous woman pushes every one of his emotional buttons. He doesn't even mind too much when she proceeds to assume all sorts of things about 'guys like him'. He can't help it that women are attracted to him; he's never acted on any of their invitations. Nor does he appreciate being labeled a 'life-size action figure'. But his confidence in himself - as well as his growing confidence in Lucy's single-mindedness in achieving their year-long goal - gives Theo hope that Lucy will change her mind about his being a 'pretty package with not much on the inside' - and see him for what he really is; a man falling head-over-heels in love with her.

This is another of Susan Donovan's trademark stories that showcase sassy characters and plenty of humor, as well as poignant insights into human nature. Lucy and Theo are both people who've been badly hurt and who don't trust easily - they come alive in Donovan's capable hands. Amusing journal entries and short office sessions with Lucy's therapist add zest and additional humor (she has a love-hate relationship with the lithe Geishas cavorting on a decorative screen) to the proceedings as Lucy tries to explain away her unwanted, but growing affection for her handsome and truly nice guy personal trainer. He Loves Lucy is a fun and sexy feel good story, a must to add to your current romance reading list.

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