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Blind Curve
by Annie Solomon
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2005 (2005)

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* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Undercover cop Danny Sinofsky is in the middle of a weapons bust when things suddenly turn sour. Shots are fired, his contact lies dead and Danny's world goes completely dark. A specialist informs him that he's suffered a stroke, probably triggered by a head injury he sustained a few days earlier while on the job. Then the doctor delivers even worse news -- his blindness is very likely permanent. Suddenly a man who's always looked out for himself and those he loves, and who lives and breathes police work, finds himself in a dark new world he isn't sure he's strong enough to face. After the enormity of it all sinks in, Danny even contemplates suicide.

Like all the other girls in her high school, Martha Crowe had a crush on gregarious, handsome Danny Sinofsky. But she never harbored any illusions that Danny would ever cast 'skinny and plain' Martha a second glance. These days she hides her emotions under a calm and sensible fašade that serves her well in her line of work as an Orientation and Mobility instructor. Danny needs Martha's help if he's ever going to come to terms with his blindness. She's up front and bossy, so that Danny soon awards her the title 'the bane of my existence'. Even so, Martha sticks to his side, determined to help him accept his new handicap. Soon she's also trying to keep them both alive, after killers target them for elimination. Not sure who they can trust, the pair can only rely on each other, using Danny's instincts and Martha's eyes to elude and outsmart very determined assassins.

Rising romantic suspense author Annie Solomon gives us another gripping page-turner, certainly her best so far. Alternating between Danny's poignant struggle to come to terms with his sudden blindness, the very touching relationship that develops between Danny and Martha, and their nail-biting flight from shadowy killers, this book satisfies on all levels. Solomon knows how to tell an emotionally involving story - you'll be hard-pressed to put Blind Curve down before you turn the last page.

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