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Some Enchanted Evening    by Christina Dodd order for
Some Enchanted Evening
by Christina Dodd
Order:  USA  Can
William Morrow, 2004 (2004)
Hardcover, Audio, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Rashmi Srinivas

When a beautiful young woman rides into the small Scottish town of Freya Crags, proclaiming herself to be a princess in exile, and then peddles her supposedly royal facial creams and lotions, the simple dour people don't know what to believe, but are tempted nonetheless to sample her wares. Local laird Robert MacKenzie naturally assumes that Princess Clarice is a bold charlatan and craftily decides to exploit her acting prowess to wreak revenge on his bitter enemy.

Unfortunately, Clarice and her two sisters really are princesses in exile. They await a summons to return, as insurgence sweeps their small kingdom of Beaumontagne. But even royalty need funds to live and for Clarice, peddling is just a way to survive and keep out of sight of possible assassins, while in waiting. Tension simmers between Clarice and Robert, not just because they're two wily people trying to manipulate and outmaneuver each other, but also because of the undeniable and growing sexual pull between them. Their mutual distrust and secretive pasts are obstacles which their searing lust may not be able to navigate. And when danger becomes all too real, they're both forced to make harsh choices. Will their love be strong enough to overcome obligations and duty?

Christina Dodd's story is a classic fairytale for adults. This first in the series tells Clarice's story. The most enterprising of the three sisters, she cheerfully treads a narrow line between honesty and falsehood. Robert's taciturn, brooding nature and quick violence isn't very agreeable until Dodd reveals his heartrending reasons for being this way. Clarice is his equal in wits, guile and emotional strength as they wage a private war of tender love and scorching lust. Crafty villains provide danger and action in plenty. Some Enchanted Evening is timeless in its charm and effortless in its beguilement.

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