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The Cajun Cowboy    by Sandra Hill order for
Cajun Cowboy
by Sandra Hill
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2004 (2004)

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Former Louisiana beauty queen, Charmaine LeDeux, finds herself in trouble after discovering the money she borrowed to finance her hair salons came from loan sharks. They want their money back, with interest. When Charmaine can't pay up, she does the next best thing - she hightails it out of town. To make matters worse, she runs into her ex-husband, Raoul Lanier. He's fresh out of prison and hot on her trail to deliver startling information. Bombshell One - she's co-owner of the ranch his father bequeathed to him. Bombshell Two -- she and Raoul are still married.

Could things get any worse? Charmaine laments. But after a bit of thinking she decides that still being married to Raoul and owning a run-down ranch out in the middle of nowhere isn't so bad after all -- the mob will never look for her there. She just needs to steer clear of Raoul. But once they settle into their temporary hide-out, she discovers that her ex is still sexy as sin and the fire they ignite around each other is hotter than ever. With the help of the zany and irreverent Tanta Lulu and a couple of wisecracking ranch hands, Charmaine and Raoul manage to work past the misunderstandings and trust issues that tore apart their marriage in the first place. Now all they need to do is figure out how to keep the mob off their backs.

Hill delivers another spicy hot and hilarious romp in this sequel to last year's Tall, Dark and Cajun. The internalizing is a little overdone in dialogue scenes where characters say one thing and then (in brackets) think something else - after a while this multiple tag gag wore a bit thin. Even so, Cajun Cowboy satisfies, and tickles the funny bone in true Sandra Hill fashion.

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