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Devil Takes a Bride    by Gaelen Foley order for
Devil Takes a Bride
by Gaelen Foley
Order:  USA  Can
Ivy, 2004 (2004)
* * *   Reviewed by Rashmi Srinivas

Shortly after his return to London, famous adventurer Viscount Devlin 'Devil' Strathmore seals his reputation as a scoundrel with his aspiration to join the Horse and Chariot Club, a society dedicated to depravity. Strathmore has kept secret his motivation, which is to find and then ruthlessly eliminate his parents' murderer(s), whom he suspects belong to the club.

Not knowing this, Miss Elizabeth Carlisle, loving companion to Devil's aging aunt and benefactor, takes him to task for being a neglectful and avaricious nephew. Acrimony gives way to burgeoning attraction and they're soon swept away by passion. But neither is ready to admit to love. Lizzie has had her heart broken by her childhood idol, Lord Alec Knight. As for Strathmore - with revenge and guilt constantly motivating him, this tormented man has neither time nor inclination for love. In the face of danger and distrust, will the pair leave themselves open to hurt by risking their hearts?

This latest addition to Galen Foley's Knight series lives up to the promise of its dramatic opening sequence with unrelenting suspense. Powerful descriptive prose makes readers feel like they're watching characters interact and events unfold right before their fascinated eyes. While the plot is simple, the story built on it is complex and extensively detailed, perhaps too much so at times. Characters of the Knight family from previous Foley books make small but effective appearances, keeping a sense of continuity. Lushly sensual, dark and beguiling, Devil Takes a Bride makes for fascinating reading.

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