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The Seduction of an English Lady    by Cathy Maxwell order for
Seduction of an English Lady
by Cathy Maxwell
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2003 (2003)
* *   Reviewed by Rashmi Srinivas

Dashing and ambitious Captain Colin Mandland, the local rapscallion made good, returns to his hometown of Clitheroe to lay claim to his recent acquisition, the manor of Maiden Hill. Unfortunately Lady Rosalyn, the orphaned daughter of an Earl and current occupant of the manor, isn't at all inclined to leave her family home to this cobbler's son. Things are at an uneasy impasse until Colin proposes marriage to Rosalyn.

Seems like a perfect solution but Rosalyn refuses, being somewhat of a closet romantic and afraid of getting her emotions crushed once again. Used to men jumping to execute his commands, Colin is flummoxed by this twist of events. But by refusing him, Rosalyn also intrigues Colin and makes him determined to woo her. With impure motives, does he stand a chance at finding true love and happiness? Charmed despite herself, Rosalyn soon finds in Colin a forbidden temptation but can she forget the past and be her own self for once?

Internally conflicted characters at odds with each other at the least provocation, make for an entertaining read. Local color, tinted with authentic details, and spirited side characters bring the story to life. Rosalyn and Colin duke it out verbally, fuelled by pride, ambition and insecurities, which also make them human and vulnerable. The Seduction of an English Lady is a sweet, old-fashioned kind of romance with a progressive bent towards the end - a worthwhile read.

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