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You're Still the One    by Janet Dailey & et al order for
You're Still the One
by Janet Dailey
Order:  USA  Can
Zebra, 2013 (2013)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Once closer than two peas in a pod and then apart, this is the scenario that many couples face from time to time. In this collection of four romantic novellas, though, the couples in question are given the opportunity to rekindle their romance and start anew after a breakup separates them.

In The Apple Orchard by Cathy Lamb, the owner of an apple orchard has a mishap that sends her to the local hospital emergency room. It is here that Allie Pelletier is reunited with an old flame, Doctor Jace Rios.

Lovers in their youth, the two have been apart for quite a few years but now they are older, wiser and again interested in one another. If some old fences can be mended and some of Allie's family's past problems laid to rest, perhaps the second time around for these two will end on a happier note.

Rebecca Ryan spent a never to be forgotten evening in New Orleans with musician Grant Dodge. She was just a junior in high school and he was but three years older when they met in a cemetery for a tryst that resulted in a night of forbidden passion and an infant nine months later. Now, over two decades later, we find this duo reunited in A Kiss Before Midnight by Mary Carter.

Rebecca's son has given her a trip to the Big Easy as a 37th birthday gift, little realizing what might await her when she returns to the place where he was conceived. Setting in motion a chain of events that will have a profound effect on three lives, this little sojourn in New Orleans is filled with surprises and some startling revelations for all parties concerned in this tale of Southern romance.

They not only played the lead roles in Romeo & Juliet in high school but were romantically involved as well. It is now years later and veterinarian Jane Canfield's first love and acting partner, Roy McCillum, is back in town. In Romeo & Juliet ... And Jane by Elizabeth Bass, we'll see if Roy remembers the crucial lines of the balcony scene and if Jane has any desire for an encore. With barking dogs and a screeching parakeet providing the backdrop for Roy's climb up the trellis outside his true love's bedroom, this looks like a relationship that will need a lot of nurturing.

This tale of a misbegotten love affair may begin as a comedy of errors and at times it will strike you as being much ado about nothing, but rest assured that in the end it will end as you like it. You'll be delighted to discover in a tale like this that all's well that ends well!

Finally, Janet Dailey in The Devil and Mr. Chocolate serves up a sweet literary confection about an art gallery owner who is engaged to a Belgian chocolatier. As Kitty Hamilton prepares to walk down the aisle with her Candy Man, her ex-husband is determined to sabotage the wedding and rekindle their former relationship. Will the chemistry they once shared again tempt Kitty's desire for Sebastian as he tries to win her back?

Perhaps it is true that the second time around is better. You'll have to decide for yourself as you read these four entertaining, contemporary romances written by some of the best writers in the genre.

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