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Kiss of Twilight    by Loribelle Hunt order for
Kiss of Twilight
by Loribelle Hunt
Order:  USA  Can
Carina Press, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Wanda Plourde

Kara Stone is in love with Dupree Jackson, but he still sees her as the child he saved long ago, instead of the woman she has become. All her life she has trained (and she's now ready) to merge with a demon and become a full member of the order. This is something she has always desired. She also wants Dupree to love her, and to back off from trying to prevent her from merging. She finds it very frustrating that he is so protective and yet doesn't realize that they belong together and should be bonded.

Dupree Jackson is the hard, cold, and unbreakable second-in-command of the order. His mission is to fight demons and stop evil. But Dupree, a hybrid, is beginning to lose himself to his demon half. The only way to stop going rogue is to bond with a woman, and that woman is Kara. Dupree has an obsessive need to protect Kara. He doesn't want her to merge and have to deal with the day to day internal struggle he has faced.

Then, during a murder investigation of one of the order's members, Kara becomes a target because of a dark secret from her past. Needing to protect her, Dupree might not have a choice but to bond in the end.

What an interesting read, different and brimming with action. I found the characters strong and well blended. Readers feel for Kara and Dupree in the struggles they face trying to become a couple. The romance is very hot and steamy, almost pornographic. I definitely enjoyed it.

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