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Dark Vow    by Shona Husk order for
Dark Vow
by Shona Husk
Order:  USA  Can
Capstone, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Wanda Plourde

Jaines Cord is married to a gunsmith in Anil. She helps her husband when he is away by taking care of business. Her husband always told her to stay away from the Arcane Bounty Hunters because they were very dangerous and bad news. While her husband was away, she engraved a gun for a bounty hunter because the fee was just too tempting. When Jaines' husband returned, a bounty hunter used that same gun to kill him in their home. Since it was her bullet that killed him, she vowed revenge.

Obsidian barely escaped the Arcane Union with his life for disobeying direct orders - his punishment left him with a blackened stone hand. So he decided to live quietly in a small town where law was not a high priority. One day, in a bar, he overhears a young woman asking about a bounty hunter, and a smith whom he knows is dead. Faced with the decision whether or not to help Jaines, he risks putting his life in danger. Not only might the Arcane Union discover his whereabouts, but also Rogue Arcanes are after him.

Dark Vow cannot be put down no matter how hard you try. It's well written, full of suspense, and with twists and turns that make you want more. It has a great storyline, filled with believable characters who face hardships and difficult questions that need to answered. It also leaves room for more stories to be built, and a series to be born.

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