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Redemption    by Eleri Stone order for
by Eleri Stone
Order:  USA  Can
Carina Press, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Wanda Plourde

Sophie Martin is at an ancient site deep in the Amazon. She is trying to decode temple carvings that she believes represent a very old language. Uncovering their meaning could win her the Swanson fellowship, which would let her continue to work in the field, rather than teaching undergrads in a stuffy classroom for the rest of her days. What Sophie doesn't need is a distraction, a sinfully sexy man who inspires thoughts that make her blush.

Adriano is keeping an eye on the site. He is after an artifact, the Bloodstone which is priceless to him and his clan. He has been in exile for many years and would like to return; the Bloodstone would give him entry. Adriano has a secret - he is a shapeshifter, a warrior jaguar of the Yaguar clan. But he has become fascinated by a human woman and her sexy ass. Adriano can't stop thinking about her. He wants her in ways almost too shameful to contemplate.

Complications arrive when the pair hook up, not only with hardcore sex but with flying emotions. What both thought of as a nice little affair grows to much more. Adriano feels he has to protect Sophie from someone or something that is also after the Bloodstone.

What a hot, burn-you-when-you-touch-it book. It's well written, with a good plot, and steamy, sinful scenes throughout. The only change I would have liked would be more action instead of sex. Nevertheless I did enjoy Redemption and did not put it down.

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