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Changeling Dream
by Dani Harper
Order:  USA  Can
Kensington, 2011 (2011)
Paperback, e-Book

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* * *   Reviewed by Elizabeth Crowley

Jillian Descharme has been dreaming of a glorious white wolf ever since she was almost beaten to death. If it weren't for the wolf that frightened her attackers away, Jillian would have died that night. Her counselors claim the wolf is a symbol of protection conjured up by her mind to help her the deal with trauma she endured. But Jillian knows it's more than just a figment of her imagination. The wolf usually appears to her in dreams when a significant event is about to occur. When Jillian moves to Northern Canada for a new job, she comes face to face with the wolf of her dreams.

James Macleod has been a changeling ever since his wife and unborn child were murdered in their home. Unable to cope with the pain of losing his family, James lost himself to his wolf identity and has spent thirty years as a changeling. But when his wolf ego follows Jillian Descharme to his brother's veterinary hospital, where she works as his assistant, James resumes his mortal identity in order to protect Jillian from the wolf who refuses to leave her side.

Jillian Descharme loves her new job as veterinary assistant. Although she accepted the position out of desperation, Connor Macleod and his staff and family have begun to grow on her. The only Macleod Jillian has issues with is James Macleod, Connor's brother. Jillian first meets James when he appears by her bedside one night. When James vanishes into thin air and the wolf who haunts her dreams appears, Jillian believes the encounter was simply a dream. But when she discovers what is clearly wolf hair on her sofa, Jillian finally has proof the wolf is real.

Jillian's search for the truth about the mysterious white wolf is second only to her fascination with James Macleod. Although Jillian is hopelessly attracted to the blonde stranger, his inconsistent and aloof ways infuriate her. When James and Jillian finally give in to their feelings, James breaks Jillian's heart and cuts all ties with her. Even though James feels the same powerful attraction to Jillian, the memory of the wife he lost prevents him from ever losing his heart to another mortal. However, the wolf inside him refuses to part ways with Jillian, and James must battle his own wolf ego in order to walk away from the only woman he has loved since his wife was murdered.

I usually find sequels pale in comparison to the first book in the series, especially when the first is as excellent as Changeling Moon. But Dani Harper managed to create another howling masterpiece. I applaud her decision to have Jillian share a bond with James as changeling before she knew the man she was falling in love with was also her four-legged best friend and savior. I'm excited that Changeling Dream has plenty of other Macleods for readers to enjoy in sequels. If you love werewolf novels, Changeling Moon and Changeling Dream should be at the top of your to read list.

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