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Somebody Pick Up My Pieces    by J. D. Mason order for
Somebody Pick Up My Pieces
by J. D. Mason
Order:  USA  Can
St. Martin's, 2011 (2011)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book

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*   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Lamont Williams is being released from prison after serving twenty-seven years for murder. He killed his neice Charlotte's boyfriend, and beat her up badly. She survived the beating but is afraid of her uncle. Now he claims to want to reunite with the family, but Charlotte figures he is out to settle unfinished business.

Charlotte lives in Murphy, Kansas, and she feels deserted by her three adult daughters. The tables are turned now, as Charlotte had walked out on them when they were young, putting a man before everything in her life. The young women are all battling their own problems and are frustrated with their mother.

Cammy has lost her child to a car accident and cannot move on with her life. She is drowning in grief and walked out on her husband to join her sisters who live in Denver, Colorado. Cammy is the youngest and was always closest to her mother. Now that she is in charge of her own destiny she is having trouble making decisions.

Clarice has just discovered her husband Justin has been having an affair. She debates whether to try to save her marriage or get revenge and have an affair herself. When she becomes involved with another man she was not ready to feel so deeply for him, and now she must choose between her lover and Justin.

Connie is happy being a new mother to her infant son, and her relationship with the father, John King, is really going well. After being on different paths the two are finally enjoying love and parenthood. When John gets a call that his father is dying, Connie is worried that he will be pulled back into his old life, and her world will fall apart.

Somebody Pick Up My Pieces is a story of a mother and her three daughters and their roller coaster relationships. It is the fourth book in a series, but the first I have read. I found the story line weak and the women acted like children, instead of adults.

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