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Song of Renewal
by Emily Sue Harvey
Order:  USA  Can
Story Plant, 2011 (2011)

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*   Reviewed by Joan Burton

The Wakefields appear to be the perfect family that has it all. Garrison is a successful graphic artist and Liza, once a ballerina, is an active member of the arts community. Their sixteen-year-old daughter Angel is beautiful and a dancer, just like her mother. What others don't realize is that the Wakefields gave up their personal dreams to meet their obligations. Garrison is a gifted artist who compromised his art to support his family. Liza gave up her dancing career to be a stay at home mom and raise Angel. And Liza will soon learn that Angel was only dancing to please her mother.

Angel and her boyfriend Troy are in a terrible car accident. Garrison refused to allow Angel to attend a concert on a stormy night, so she played on her mother's good graces and was permitted to go. Troy was killed and Angel now lies in a coma, each day bringing more complications to deal with. Garrison and Liza show a united front when they are at Angel's bedside, but their once passionate marrriage is beginning to crumble. Garrison was shocked when Liza went against his decision, and holds her to blame for the tragedy. As the days pass with no change in Angel's condition, Garrison and Liza try to rediscover who they are as individuals and what brought them together as a couple.

Reading Song of Renewal, we never truly get to know Angel, only that she felt unloved by her father who put his job first. Liza defended his cold, attitude which she felt was caused by his upbringing by distant parents. Most of the book is about Liza and Garrison, talking to themselves about their marital situation. They each claim to love one another but the story line lacked conviction for me. The main plot dealing with a comatose daughter is horrific but fell short of reality, leaving me wanting something more.

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