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Deadly Identity
by Lindsay McKenna
Order:  USA  Can
Harlequin, 2010 (2010)
Paperback, e-Book

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*   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Despite her family's protests, Rachel Carson marries a man they don't quite trust. Immediately after the wedding, Dirk transforms from kind and attentive to vicious and controlling. Rachel can't seem to do anything right and finds herself repeatedly beaten. The night he causes her to lose their baby, however, is the last straw. She runs for her life and then agrees to testify against her husband.

Dirk might be in prison for attempted murder, but he still has enough connections to carry through on his promise to kill his wife for turning against him. So the FBI put Rachel into the witness protection program. Five years have passed and she's getting on with her life and a new career as an artist - until the day Dirk escapes. Once again she's forced to pull up stakes and start over again, this time in snowy Wyoming.

The moment deputy sheriff Cade Garner encounters Rachel, he's attracted to her, but also senses she's hiding something. For now though, the recent widower is determined to do his best to protect her, as well as his orphaned goddaughter, Jenny. The fact that Rachel has nanny experience makes his job that much easier. He'll be able to keep both of them close. But when her deadly past follows her to his doorstep, he realises he might not get a second chance at love.

McKenna presents nothing new in her latest release, a story that's simply a collection of overused romance clichés, including all the characters who are further beleaguered with clunky dialogue. A series of coincidences serve as plot devices and as a romantic suspense the story is sadly lacking in action.

If a light, predictable story is what you need to help you wind down during the busy holiday season, then Deadly Identity might do the trick. If, however, you prefer something more substantial, then pass this one by.

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