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It All Began In Monte Carlo    by Elizabeth Adler order for
It All Began In Monte Carlo
by Elizabeth Adler
Order:  USA  Can
St. Martin's, 2010 (2010)
Hardcover, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Sunny Alvarez and her handsome fiancÚ, Mac Reilly, have been together a long time. It was a meeting of eyes across a crowded room, and they fell in love. Sunny is in public relations and Mac has his own detective show on TV. They are made for one another, with a sexual chemistry their friends envy.

But they lead busy lives and Sunny has learned that Mac cannot say no to a case. Now once again, Mac has postponed their wedding to help a friend solve a crime. Sunny makes an impulsive decision to fly alone to Paris, where they have had happier times together. Leaving her pink diamond on Mac's pillow in Malibu, Sunny boards a plane for Europe. She meets a handsome business man, Eduardo Johanssan. While sipping champagne she confides her troubles to Eduardo. He suggests that Sunny fly down to Monte Carlo where it is warmer than Paris. Sunny finds Eduardo exciting and interesting but her thoughts and heart are with Mac.

In Monte Carlo, booked into the Grand Hotel, Sunny is lonely. She calls her best friend, movie star Allie Ray who lives in France, and asks Allie to join her in Monte Carlo. While waiting for Allie and her friend Pru to arrive, Sunny settles in at the hotel bar where she meets a cast of shady characters. Kitty Ratte, is a sociopath involved in the sale of sex and in blackmail. No longer a young woman, she has resorted to this lifestyle to earn a living. Maha Mondragon is a beautiful East Indian in the jewelry business. She warns Sunny away from the likes of Kitty, and makes an offer that Sunny finds intriguing. A jewel heist has just occurred next door to the Grand Hotel, with a young employee killed. Everyone is on edge and Sunny is glad to be flying off to India on a job for Maha, not realizing she is putting her own life in danger.

It All Began In Monte Carlo is another adventure for Sunny and Mac. When Mac arrives in Monte Carlo to solve the jewelry heist, he finds that Sunny has fled to India. Now he must work fast to solve the case and bring Sunny home to safety. Adler's books are a vacation for the mind. She fills your senses with beautiful scenery, great food, wine, and a story of love and suspense.

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