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Married On Mondays    by HoneyB order for
Married On Mondays
by HoneyB
Order:  USA  Can
Grand Central, 2010 (2010)
Hardcover, e-Book
*   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Married On Mondays is the story of three sisters, Foxy, Deja, and Victoria. All having different mothers, they were raised by their father while in their young teens.

The sisters, all grown up now, own and operate a local bakery in the town of Creme, where they specialize in desserts. At night the sisters operate a different business, about which their partners know nothing. They provide sexual fantasies for businessmen, politicians, and dignitaries. This extra money pays for their shopping sprees and all the shoes they ever dreamed of having.

Foxy is married to Winton Brown, a lawyer. They have been married for four years and Foxy has been unfaithful for three. She is still involved with her ex-fiancÚ Dallas. Monday is a bad day for Foxy. She lives a married life on Mondays, cooking and having sex with her husband. What Foxy doesn't know is that Winton is also unfaithful to her.

Deja is married to Acer Dawson, also a lawyer. Deja is the toughest sister and has a need to control everything around her. At their nightclub she is the Dominatrix and is currently controlling her gynecologist. Deja learned from her mother at a young age to always be in control. Deja is always preaching to her sisters to stay on the right path and think more of their partners. When Acer learns that Deja is a Dominatrix he wants to be controlled also.

Victoria is attracted to both men and women. She adores attention and has a stash of diamond rings from broken engagements. She is currently married to Naomi, but is growing bored with the relationship. She is seeing Rain, her old boyfriend who just happens to be the chief of police in Creme. Rain follows Victoria and stalks her every move, trying to win her back.

When Foxy steps in to confront Rain about his behaviour to Victoria, Rain objects to her interference. He gives her an ultimatum, sleep with him or go to jail. As the three sisters find their lives unraveling and all indiscretions come to light, each couple must decide if their relationship is worth fighting for. Married On Mondays is a steamy, erotic read that lacks plot and believability.

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