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Time for Eternity    by Susan Squires order for
Time for Eternity
by Susan Squires
Order:  USA  Can
St. Martin's, 2009 (2009)

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* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Two centuries ago, Frankie Suchet adored Henri Foucault - until he turned her vampire and then abandoned her to survive on her own. And survive she has, but not without spending every waking moment yearning to kill the man who ruined her life. When another vampire offers her the means to go back in time to right the wrong that Foucault perpetrated against Franki, she wastes little time organizing travel plans to Florence. Once she locates the device, Franki uses her power of translocation to activate the time machine and is whisked back to Paris, circa 1794.

Within hours her modern corporeal body and memories begin fading as she melds with her original persona. It's through the na´ve and virginal Francoise that readers learn how she and enigmatic libertine Henri Foucault originally met and why he took her under his protective wing moments before Robespierre and his evil henchwoman, Madame Croute, were about to drag Madame LeFleur (the woman who raised Francoise) off to the Bastille. As Francoise and Franki's personae merge, both begin to understand the true nature of the man Francoise fears and Franki hates - but whom neither truly understands.

Time for Eternity is another beautifully written tale set amidst the political upheaval of the bloody French Revolution. Squires grabs reader attention immediately with an intriguing hook in Da Vinci's time machine (first introduced in last year's One With the Darkness) and then goes on to present an historically rich and action packed plot, simmering eroticism and two leads who will stir your sympathies, particularly Franki/Francoise. Her temporary duality helps her grow from a woman obsessed with revenge to one who would do anything for the man whose motivations she's finally come to understand. Time for Eternity is another memorable tale that adds more cachet to one of the best vampire romance series available.

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