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Lucky in Love
by Carolyn Brown
Order:  USA  Can
Sourcebooks Casablanca, 2009 (2009)

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*   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

As the story opens both leads are on the rebound: Milli Torres from her rich, smooth talking fiancé, whom she discovered in a motel room with another woman, and Beau Luckadeau from yet another disappointing relationship. After booting her fiancé, Milli decides to kick up her heels at a friend's wedding. Before the bride's even tossed her garter Milli and Beau are heating up the sheets. Milli is the first to shake off her sensual overload, mortified that she's gone to bed with a man who'd obviously had far too much to drink. She creeps away into the night and once Beau sobers up he vows that no matter how long it takes, he'll find 'his Amelia' again.

Milli's one night stand leads to a pregnancy and two years later she and Katy (the spitting image of her father) are spending the summer at Milli's grandparents' Oklahoma ranch. Adept at doing anything the regular ranch hands do, Milli is out mending a downed fence when she discovers that Beau Luckadeau just happens to own the neighbouring ranch. Despite her best efforts to keep him on his side of the barbed wire it doesn't take long for Beau to figure out that Milli and Amelia are one and the same and that he's Katy's father. Determined to be part of his daughter's life and equally determined to put a wedding ring on Milli's finger, Beau goes all out to court his ladies despite Milli's best efforts to steer clear of the southern charmer.

Unfortunately, Lucky in Love doesn't have a lot going for it. The plot is clichéd and presents very little conflict, even after Beau discovers he's a daddy. The characters are two dimensional, including the leads. Beau's gold-digging girlfriend is an especially unoriginal addition. The dialogue is redundant and so homespun I found it hard to believe I was reading a contemporary romance. Lucky in Love might have worked as a short story or novella but as a full length novel it falls flat.

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