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Insatiable Desire: The Demon Born    by Rita Herron order for
Insatiable Desire
by Rita Herron
Order:  USA  Can
Forever, 2008 (2008)
*   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

As a young child, Vincent Valtrez witnessed his mother's brutal slaying by his father. He'd always known Zion was a bad seed and that his beloved mother would one day come to harm at his hands. As it was, Vincent barely escaped his father's murderous rampage. It's not until years later that Vincent learns his true nature - and the real reason his father slaughtered his mother. He was about to perform his initiation into Hell's legions and his test had been to sacrifice those he loved. The fact that Vincent's mother was an angel would have given Zion even more power.

Clarissa King is a psychic plagued by the ghosts of the dead. When a killer targets the young women of her hometown, they beg her to help them find release. Clarissa knows she must help police, even if certain law enforcement officials are convinced she's a fraud. One of them happens to be Vincent Valtrez. He wants nothing to do with Clarissa and, more importantly, abhors the idea of returning to his hometown. However, orders are orders and now he and Clarissa must work together to bring down the demonic legions who've come back to collect a soul promised to them long ago.

Insatiable Desire is the first instalment of yet another paranormal series focussing on the male lead's link to sinister otherworldly factions whose sole purpose is his complete corruption. Herron doesn't really introduce anything new into what's becoming an increasingly overdone plot line. She does however, do a nice job instilling a very dark and sinister atmosphere. Unfortunately far too much of this darkness leaches into Vincent's characterization; his taciturn, brooding and often cruel nature turn him into a very unsympathetic lead. His constant internalizing over being a bad seed and beyond redemption soon becomes tiresome. Since the story leans heavily toward erotica, readers who prefer plot and character development over frequent and overt sexual content may want to give Insatiable Desire a miss.

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