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Don't Let Go
by Marliss Melton
Order:  USA  Can
Forever, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Teacher Jordan Bliss is not happy when a SEAL team extracts her from war torn Venezuela and forces her to leave behind an orphan she'd been in the process of adopting. Once back in the US, she moves heaven and earth to make sure Miguel is protected until such time she's able to return and finish the adoption process. When radicals stage a coup, her plans become even more complicated.

Navy SEAL Solomon McGuire may not have agreed with his orders to leave the child behind, but he'd had others to answer to at the time. The little boy's terror at being torn away from Jordan Bliss would haunt him forever - even stronger are the unwanted feelings the woman herself elicits every time he's within ten feet of her. Once Solomon hires her as his son's tutor, those feelings grow tenfold. But gaining her trust and her love come with a steep price when Jordan ignores all warnings and heads back to Venezuela to rescue Miguel.

Don't Let Go is the best of this series thus far; Melton does a nice job of presenting Solomon and Jordan's story as she finds unexpected love while trying to work through her failed marriage and the loss of a child. Solomon meanwhile begins to realise that not all women have ulterior motives and that true love is not an illusion.

Melton also skilfully incorporates two other sub-plots; one brings closure for a supporting character readers met in the first episode, the other introduces the players and sets the stage for the next book in this increasingly engaging series. Filled with equal parts emotion and edge of your seat suspense, Don't Let Go proves that Marliss Melton knows how to tell an intense and engaging story

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