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Dark and Dangerous
by Jeanne Adams
Order:  USA  Can
Zebra, 2008 (2008)

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

For the last six years, Dana Markham and her son Xavier have either been part of the witness protection program or on the run from her ruthless husband, Donovan Walker. As a naïve young woman in love, she'd happily assumed his various businesses involved import and export. But once she realized that Donovan's wealth was amassed through drug trafficking and illegal arms deals, she vowed to put him behind bars.

Once she testifies against him, she and her son are whisked into witness protection. But not even the FBI can protect them from Donovan's wrath and his vow to find and kill Dana, and then groom his son to take over the family business. Deadly determined that this would never happen, Dana turns her back on the witness protection program and sets out to establish her own plan of action. She trains herself and her son for every contingency and worst case scenario. When that dark moment finally arrives, she's more than prepared to take down Donovan's minions as they storm her house. What she's not prepared for is facing down the sole survivor of Donovan's assassination squad.

Undercover FBI agent Caine Bradley is even more determined to bring down Donovan Walker than his ex-wife. But as Caine stares down the barrel of the gun Dana has trained at his head, he immediately senses that she's got more guts and grit than anyone has given her credit for, especially her murdering bastard of a husband. Knowing that it's high time to put an end to Donovan's reign of terror, Dana is forced to work with Caine to lure her ex-husband out of hiding. However, both soon discover that their raging attraction is far more dangerous and potent than anything her drug lord husband has thrown their way.

In her debut novel, Jeanne Adams expertly blends many of the most important ingredients of a top-notch romantic suspense: an engaging, suspenseful plot, break neck pacing, and two very appealing leads in the deadly determined Dana and the dark, dangerous and flawed undercover agent, Caine Bradley. Adams balances the action and plot twists and their evolving romance with expert ease. The story's only downfall: Donovan Walker. The author imbues him and his cowering minions with far too many overused bad guy clichés to be completely believable. Despite this one flaw however, Dark and Dangerous is strong debut and Jeanne Adams a new author to watch.

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