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Tall Tales & Wedding Veils    by Jane Graves order for
Tall Tales & Wedding Veils
by Jane Graves
Order:  USA  Can
Forever, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Heather Montgomery might occasionally experience the odd daydream about attracting the undivided attention of sexy charmer Tony McCaffrey, but once she blinks back into the daily reality of her life, she's quite secure with herself, her successful accounting career - and yes, even the her mother's increasing desperation at her only child's inability to find a suitable husband.

Heather has learned to take her mother's - and her entire family's - expectations to settle down and have a few kids in stride. Even so, filling in as Bridesmaid #Six for her cousin Regina's flashy country club wedding is not Heather's idea of a fun way to spend the day. Especially once she realizes she'll have to go on a crash lettuce diet to fit into her hideous bridesmaid dress. But as always, she has no intention of disappointing her family.

To add to Heather's misery, she's also expected to accompany Regina (and the rest of her vacuous bridesmaids) on a wild Vegas weekend, care of Regina's doting (and filthy rich) parents. Once there, however, Heather intends to ditch Regina and her chattering entourage in favour of a little shopping, lots of luxuriant room service and a few pulls on a handy slot machine. When Lady Luck gifts Heather with a free ten dollar token, she's thrilled, confident her own fortunes are about to change. That positive thought no sooner flits through her mind when she all but collides with her dream man, Tony McCaffrey.

Tony's having a bad run of luck - if he can't come up with 20K by Monday morning his dreams of owning a bar and grill will swirl right down the toilet. Once Heather discovers why he's so down in the dumps, she offers to win him the money he needs. Tony is sceptical, but beggars can't be choosy. When Lady Luck comes through a second time, the pair decides to celebrate the night away. But once their dual hangovers wear off and the harsh light of day settles on the marriage certificate lying on the dresser, the real horror of their 'impetuous celebration' sinks in.

Within hours, the ever-efficient Heather has the annulment ball rolling and they're on a plane back home to Texas. But what neither of them counts on is Heather's family learning about her marriage and rolling out the red carpet to share their joy. How long can Heather and Tony fake their marriage before their families figure out that theirs is not a match made in heaven but a champagne soaked mistake? Worse, how long will it take before their raging mutual lust takes their marriage of inconvenience in another completely unexpected direction?

Leave it to Jane Graves to put another pleasing twist on a tried and true plot line, this time the opposites attract scenario. Despite some rather obvious coincidences, and characterizations that aren't overly original, Graves gives both Tony and Heather enough hang-ups, imperfections and family issues to make them believable and enjoyable players - especially once proverbial good time guy Tony finally clues in to the fact that the sharp-witted, passionate and business savvy Heather is his perfect match in every way. Tall Tales and Wedding Veils is another winner that offers up all the right ingredients for fun summer reading.

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